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More scaremongering by the Scottish government this time....

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17 hours ago, daltontrees said:

It'll be interesting to see how th english regs are to work. Will it be illegal to give away wood? WiIl it be illegal to possess it? To transport it? To burn it? Are they going to pull the burning log out of the fire and check its humidity as evidence?

It's ill thought out but it must be aimed at garage forecourt and garden centre sales. It may push people to buying from reputable log sellers.


There has always been legislation about smoke and I've never known of it to be prosecuted for domestic fires, or generally other fires.


I'll cite non smoking as being a successful campaign where legislation was used after education and peer pressure  had made it unacceptable in restaurants (public transport bans preceding this).


Then we have the dogs fouling of land act and its successor, a masterpiece of ill intended consequences, while I'm glad the verge outside my house is seldom fouled I am incensed by poo bags in the countryside where I would prefer to see the shit.

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The smoking ban was fair enough, in an enclosed space one or more smokers exhale smoke and one or more non-smokers can't avoid inhaling it.  The analogy to enclosed spaces, for wet wood burning, would be densely populated areas where there's no dilution and no avoiding the smoke, and where there's many affected. But the analogy breaks down. For smokers, the analogy would be to ban the sale of non low tar cigarettes to people who might be going to the pub. Unless you buy them in cartons of 200.

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I think you have hit the nail on the head - its all down to education.


Burning wet wood is not good for your stove, flue or the environment so why do people do it?


For some reason the mass media have a bee in their bonnet about wood burning stoves and an obsession to group them together with open fires. This is like comparing apples and pears.....absolutely useless.

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