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Best lawn mower for commercial work.


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I run 4 of these and the older Viking models plus the Stihl cordless self propelled mower for my Garden Business and they are excellent. 

Great in the wet and cheap and easy to repair the drive system on the 4 wheel models .

Variable pulley is less than 40 notes and can be fitted in 10 ten minutes. 

Stay clear of the rear roller model though  !!

I have absolutely battered the first one I bought 6 years ago and will get another season I think  .

The plastic grass box is heaven in the wet as it's easy to keep the vents clean with a quick brush , the box as plenty of airflow which helps the wet grass flow into the box.

6 series model range look at.






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3 hours ago, doobin said:

I'd run a mile from that Kohler engine.


Although our grass workload is now much less, what I ended up doing is buying two Honda powered Mountfields from Screwfix when they were on sale. This is the latest version:



Order online at Screwfix.com. Powered by the Honda GCV170 Autochoke 167cc engine. Designed to provide an...

Thing is, they often drop them down to around £300+VAT in spring. That's the time to buy.

I though for sure it would break within a year (as Etesia and Viking did for me), and rather than suffer a shit dealer like Richmonds Groundcare making a hash of it, and taking three weeks to fix it, I'd just get a new reaplacement one under warranty from Screwfix.


Once had a spot weld fail in the height mechanism, which would have been a two minute fix but I changed it anyway and kept the collector (accidentally) as a spare. The other one has been perfect.


Look at it as I did as £300 for a years mowing- three years if you buy it as a 'domestic' customer... If it lasts another year (mine are at three) then bonus!

Tempted by the Screwfix option.

What about these:


Are you looking for a 21" robust Self Propelled Rotary Lawn Mower, look no further, the Titan 53cm Petrol Lawnmower...


Their 21" mowers use 6.5 hp Loncin engines. Any better?

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There are two different takes on mowers for 'professional' use.


One is to buy an out and out Pro machine, which will be a super reliable machine, but will be very heavy and cost up to £1500.  

Based on working it for 300 days a year this will cost £1 per day if it lasts 5 years, but to be fair, it will need servicing and repairs if its going to do 5 years, so you can add another £0.50 per day, making £1.50 per day cost of ownership.


Or, that £1.50 per day will buy you a cheaper, lighter £450 machine that you can, as Doobin says, write off in one year. No servicing costs at all, just stick it on e bay at the end of the season and get £100 back. And the added bonus is that you can lift into the van or carry up steps without medical bills. 

Simply put £1.50 into your budget spreadsheet for mower costs for either option.


With that said, I do have a couple of really nice used John Deere mowers here. One is an R54 RKB 21" roller machine, and the other is a 18" R47 V with 4 wheels. Both fully serviced and in excellent order. You could have them both for £800.




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9 hours ago, Conor Wright said:

I've a couple of machines with loncin engines fitted and cannot fault them. They've been building engines for bmw for years. They know what they're at.


More details on the BMW connection please, only pure curiosity mind.


Having considered a petrol engined pressure washer, and likely to be Chonda engined, Loncin was my preferred choice, and L & S Engineers do do parts for Loncin.

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