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Opico Skidster or sherpa mini loaders


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2 hours ago, Dbikeguy said:


That’s kinda my point, a mini loader if possible can do multi roles with one machine, clear then move material or auger ground screws in, storing, transporting another machine takes up space (loader will go onto my pick up leaving my trailer empty.

The flailing is maybe 10 days work a year and i don’t have any plans to do more grounds maintenance.

Kinda like the self powered flail option, easy enough to fab up some mounts


You won’t go wrong with a mini loader. My Sherpa has done 140 hours since I got it, and every hour is multiple hours of labour saved. 


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11 minutes ago, dumper said:

Doobin you have missed a attachment makes concreting so simple


Not really any benefit to that in my mind. Still have to shovel. And it won’t fit on the Sherpa!

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29 minutes ago, dumper said:

It should fit Sherpa still shovel but mix on move saves 50% on time easy to load and unload wouldn’t mix like in picture anymore 

There’s no way the Sherpa would lift that empty, let alone full!! Or power it when driving.


Mix on the move doesn’t really work in my book- by the time you’ve got the water right then the mix is done anyway, so I went with a big 350 litre towable mixer that will work with either the Sherpa or the multione. 

There’s limits to how efficient you can make things unfortunately. A bucket mixer on the bigger loaders would be great, but by the time you are on a job large enough to tip up big piles of ballast to drive in to, then it’s more cost effective to get a full ready mix lorry in ! This mixer purchase is because part loads even on a volumetric are becoming so expensive that you may as well mix and control the whole process. 

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10 hours ago, doobin said:


I'd get yourself an engine driven flail like they use behind or in front of quads, and fit loader brackets to it. That would be very effective. 

If I had a loader and the mowing work this is 100% how I'd do it.  

So manoeuvrable, multi purpose, not knocking the hell out the loader powering a potentially unsatisfactory flail...


I've got a job in mind that it would be perfect for, but financially it'll only ever justify a brush cutter unfortunately 😕 

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1 hour ago, dumper said:

It should fit Sherpa still shovel but mix on move saves 50% on time easy to load and unload wouldn’t mix like in picture anymore 

Had a Google of specs. Both the spiramix (yours) and the imer 350 (mine) produce a batch of 280l (ten cubic feet). 

mine has pallet lugs. So if I stick it on the front of the multione I’ll have the same as you 🤣


The mix action of the spiramix does look very good. But I quite like the portability and self contained

nature of the imer. 

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On 10/06/2022 at 20:12, bigtreedon said:

You will find yourself wanting a bigger chipper to stick all that brash you so effortlessly get to it now days after a while of having a 8inch machine and a loader I decided I must have a bigger machine now take the ten inch 90hp machine to nearly every job and the loader perfect combination emoji108.png

What chipper did you go for, Don?

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