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Italian made Alpina Chainsaws, any good?

Jamie Jones

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I stumbled across the Italian made Alpina Chainsaws while on the net and having never seen one I wondered are they a professional chainsaw and are they any good?


(Seen pictures of the as Yellow or White Chainsaws)







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33 minutes ago, Stubby said:

I had a little yellow Alpina top handle years ago with no AV .

I had written a long post about them, then realised it was the italian manufacturer active I was actually talking about! (Even owned a couple, still didn't see my mistake until after I posted!) Have seen some domestic alpina machines but not alpine..

No av, nice. Thankfully I came on the scene after av did!

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Oleo Mac / Efco also from italy: Emak group




Alpina &  Stiga (sweden) & mountfield same company i think....




Active different again  have a big range of stuff  & some really monster strimmers.




So 3 different chainsaw brands in italy.


First two companies probably have chainsaws in various different brands names they own/colours but share parts & designs?






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14 minutes ago, Stere said:

Oleo Mac / Efco also from italy: Emak group


Dynamac sold by Machine Mart were also from this manufacturer. I've had a DY41 for years and still use it occasionally for firewood cutting just to see if it still works.

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  • 2 years later...

I have 1.. 


I'd say, they're inbetween a 150-200t Cutting & Weight Wise.. 

(Nice optional for Chainsaw CARVERS 😉). 


Paid for itself over & over..

Still running 2-3yrs later. (Not constant everyday use obviously)

But Plenty of PJs & take it everywhere.. as my main Climbing Saw for my PJs... back up Saw for Prof. Commercial & Domestics. 


Alpina A27T .. Now bought Out by and are called,,

'Stiga's (blah number blah) Pro'.

(They're now Black & Yellow,, Exactly the same Saw). 


Personally,, I like them for what they are ..  


May even get a new one..

So I can get this one, Modded & Ported.. (Might do..) 

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Had a Alpina top handle back in the late 80s early 90s, back then they where badged as Alpina castor, not the lightest of saws but it stood the test of time with very few problems, its not long since i chucked in a skip 4-5 yr ago,


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