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Fisa requirements nptc blah blah

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Whats the craic with fisa requirements re nptc refreshers etc. I thought that if you had done a nptc ticket within last 5 years i refreshed the lot i.e rigging ticket would refresh you aerial rescue and chainsaw as it uses both?



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I can be wrong but using a FISA approved assessor is only relevant for ground based chainsaw operators bill if your contracting to the FC and the likes ... they don’t seem bothered for Ariel work

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55 minutes ago, billpierce said:

So will a saw in tree ticket refresh basic felling ticket? Tedious beyond belief

Tedious beyond belief,, your not wrong there, we had to do a FISA refresher in Feb of this year, 95% of our work is either windblown or big stuff, the amount of trees under 15" i have felled in the last couple of years i can count on my fingers, but on the refresher we where doing small trees not what we do every day, my thoughts on this refresher course is that its just a money making thing, how often do we go for a driving refresher course ? i aint been on one yet and been driving 38 yrs now, and i would say that a car,van,pick up or a truck would kill anyone who was stood in the wrong place at the wrong time,!!,

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If you not working on a site that has signed up to the FISA you do not need compulsory refreshers, it is still only advisory but would look good to your insurance/HSE in the event of an accident.

If your working on any site that has signed up to FISA such as the FC or for Tilhill/Euroforest, you will need a refresher. 
This must be done by a FISA instructor or a LANTRA +F Instructor.

You can do a more advanced ticket and this will refresh the previous ones, however, I think in some cases this is bollocks.

If I do my CS38, how does this refresh my CS31 felling ticket?

If you need a refresher to be compliant and not limit your access to some work sites then I would look at what you do the least, not most, as this would probably be where you might find weaknesses.

End if the day, get a suitable instructor to come to your work site, you might or might not learn something, your then covered for 5 years, for one day of training, it’s not going to put you a month behind your schedule or cost an arm and a leg.

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It is a load of BS, but atleast they have invented a whole load of courses that never existed before, so easy to just "upskill'


Must admit never knew it had to be with a fisa qualified instructor, I was told only 3 in whole of Scotland are fisa qualified.


I think a lot depends on how good the trainers are, most other skilled workers do renew like digger drivers etc, 

Mibbee if keeping fisa compliant means u can up ur rates and charge the money cutters deserve then mibbee a good thing.


Mind I was on the very 1st fisa course with a load of exp cutters and do remember 1 or 2 learning new cuts. 

Think a lot off the older cutters hasnae seen the split level cut before.

Mind a few boys saying that in the pub too, after moaning about the coarse.

These are boys who done a lot of hand thinnings back in 80's so exp cutters.

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