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Twin line working on “SRT”

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Hard to see, but there is a knot that can be seen between the accessory cord  eye and the carabiner.  I wrapped the small cord around the eye and tied an overhand with both sections, as close as possible before tying each end to the thimbles.

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1 hour ago, Mark Bolam said:

How is the twin line working for everybody?

Works great for me, especially in the rain and snow.  I take two lines in the truck.  Climb on one of them till it gets too wet or frozen to use.  Then I change to the second rope for the afternoon.

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On 02/11/2019 at 06:12, Arboricultured said:

I can’t think how to make it simpler to be honest.

Yes, I was dismantling the tree, the last photo was how I configured the system to top out the tree, and descend to fell the pole. All the others were it set up “SRT” I am not really sure it can be simpler. It’s all on one instead of having two completely separate systems and lines etc

I think, in all honesty, the problem I am working on is if the HSE decide to hold fast to their decision then I want a system to be compliant so that even if the worst happens my family will be seen right from my insurance company and they can’t wriggle!

"It's all on one instead of two completely separate systems and lines ect...

These are your own words. Can't you see how this is not what twin systems is about ? You've gone above and beyond the call of duty as far as hse are concerned. So far above in fact, that you've completely lost your way ! What you have done is of no benefit to your climbing practice. No benefit to your safety, and not going to make you faster. So why ? It's your interpretation that us wrong. Twin lines should be there to support you, should your anchor point or equipment fail. Twin lines should be there to assist a safer and more comfortable work position. Twin lines CAN be there to allow uou rapid ascent AND micro adjustments, the best of both worlds.

I'm not trying to be a hater here, but you need to step back and stop over thinking this.

Two separate anchors, and two separate systems, can benefit you. But once they hinder you, they become dangerous. Better off alive, than trying to meet a self propelled obligation. 

Like I mentioned, I don't mean to be a hater. These are just MY opinions, and once you take pictures, put them online, and add your description, you invite other people's opinions.

Keep it simple stupid KISS.


Stay safe, merry Christmas and a happy new year. 



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On 01/11/2019 at 18:17, Arboricultured said:


I have been thinking about this twin line work position thing for a week or so and have had a couple of climbs on this system. I am looking for some feed back and to see people’s thoughts. I have found it to be not that bad at all in relation to having one line a pantin and a has. With two foot ascenders you can easily walk up the line and you don’t need a wrench because your weight is spread across the two lines.


A couple of points, it’s 10.5 static line so I understand the issues there and the carabiner I am using to keep the lines together is technically cross loaded as well but looking past that has anyone anything to add? IMG_6853.thumb.jpg.1f2b035038cce83d743c12fd84f53f62.jpgIMG_6855.thumb.jpg.f6151825f99f48b7f9d07ad6eb929556.jpgIMG_6857.thumb.jpg.7ee18ee7ed1c07ecdbea81a060afa832.jpgIMG_6851.thumb.jpg.81466fee513fcdc21b4855d9eba43005.jpgIMG_6858.thumb.jpg.b51196187984268b0bf4f87a6cb3f981.jpgIMG_6859.thumb.jpg.48566bc43fe057aca99a72a7845847e9.jpg



Sorry mate, just noticed the "don't need a wrench" remark also.

If you don't want your family enjoying Christmas courtesy of 'shelter', then to meet insurance quotas, you will need BOTH lines to be able to get you down from the tree in a safe and professional manner. With no rope wrench, should one line fail, you'll be on a single line with no wrench ! Heaven forbid that you burn out some hitch cord getting down !

But you wouldn't have to if you were just climbing normally on two systems !

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On 24/11/2019 at 21:48, Arboricultured said:


Yeah, you can tie it in double after accessing singly with a wrench but it’s a faf. I have found myself reaching back for the old HTP and wrench to be honest.

Do you isolate your tip after accessing with a base? I do almost every time now after having a little accident in a pollard with my base tied line. I cut right through it sneakily hiding in an awkward knuckle... thankfully I was side stropped in.

The one thing I do like about the double line is instead of having one foot ascender and a hass you can have two foot ascenders it’s kinder to my knees as it seems to even out the loading. Maybe that just a me thing though. I think I will use it more on big trees but for day to day I have gone back to the tried and tested.


I've got f####d knees, and I find the central loading of my foot loop on my knee ascender, much less painful than the inside loading of my foot ascender. Foot ascender are like spikes, knee ascenders are like ladders.

So I keep the foot ascender for my better knee !

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On 24/11/2019 at 23:29, Eddie Eco said:

Kevin Bingham climbed his work climb on a very similar setup at this years ITCC, seemed to work for him!

You lose a lot of the benefits of twin line like this. With a standard central anchor on your mrs, and a high re direct coming in from above on your srs, you're nice and stable. But if it's all from one place, you see ?

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