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Tony Croft aka hamadryad

Pollards, the forgotten art-discussion

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Sure.  I was in Ghent a couple of weeks ago, It was interesting to see how they leave the leader on trees while establishing replacement pollards.







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Here’s a lime (maiden at the time)I reduced/reshaped in 2007, iirc I didn’t worry about growth points, no need with limes.

Then, a couple of years ago, I went back and re did it to previous points, next to no rot pockets or dieback.


hey presto! A pollard.



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I’ve watched their processes over the years I’ve been here, there’s less thought put into it than you might think.


Plenty more from the same town soon (pics to be taken this weekend) with varying success.


Arsenal one down at the moment, so off to bed depressed.

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Traditional Pollarding, not candleabra prunning, was done in the summer months to feed cattle etc when the grass in drought stopped growing (Bet it was not done much this summer). The firewood collected. The re-growth is to high to be grazed. Simples. 

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On 27/02/2016 at 12:13, sean said:

I have tentatively began researching with the aim of possibly putting a book about pollarding together. This will collate historical records, photographs, landscape paintings, maps etc and look at the history of pollarding in this country. I aim to look at what species were used for what, look at the cultural heritage side of it as well it's role in industry. Once I have moved forwards a little I will begin a thread so hopefully members can contribute information, pass on contacts etc. I really feel there is room for a comprehensive book on the subject as there isn't anything out there apart Technical guides etc and it was such an important part of our cultural heritage. Anyway we shall see where it goes.:001_smile:

I missed this.  How are you getting on Sean?

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