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Need advice, want to upgrade my saw.

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It would appear to be a 50cc although someone will pipe up with cylinder head markings to confirm. I’ve got both the 50cc and the 46cc.

I’d also recommend a 12v chain sharpener £94+ vat from rob at chainsawbars.co.uk had it for years and makes keeping chains sharp effortless. Arguably more important than having a good going saw.

Hey Fonzy, you got any pics of your sharpener? I have the stihl easy files at min for when out and about.

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It’s called G1012XT Granberg Precision Grinder

Careful googling grinder though

Thanks, found it in Rob’s website, has a neat little vid to watch too how long would you say the stones last on average?
My dad bought me a cheapy grinder from local Wednesday night auction mart, its a bench clamped step up, but it has too much play in all its joints due to it being made from plastic, the grinds arent consistent unfortunately.

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Early saws with no decomp and all orange were 45cc . Then came the first 50cc which was still all orange but with a primer bulb and de comp . Then came the " silver side " which is the same only silver side cover .

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Lots of variables but I’ve not found myself buying loads in the 4 years I’ve owned it. Well worth it IMO

Tidy, presume your using the diamond stones as opposed to ordinary stone bits?

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When you knacker the bar on the 181 replace it with a 12 or 10'' bar. Will make them more nimble and quicker to sharpen, cheaper to replace chains and more handy in that it will have a different use to the 346

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On 09/03/2019 at 21:42, GotWood said:

Thanks for all the replies.


I must admit I did think I should maybe look at 60-70cc saws for the bigger stuff but I could borrow a big saw from a friend occasionally if I need one. I'm seeking out a bit of an all rounder and my gut is telling me to get the ms261 as it's a decent step up in performance without getting too expensive, there's also a dealership nearby. Then again, maybe I should entertain something bigger.


I do have a basic set of safety trousers/chaps already, it's a good thing to point out really, I should probably look to get better ones and a jacket.


One thing im surprised is the suggestions to run a 16" bar on the 50cc saws. My little 181 is on a 16" bar and runs fine. I know it's a smaller gauge chain though.


Ideally I'd like something with a big enough bar that minimises the work when cross cutting into rings. I won't be doing a great deal of felling.


The reason I am weary of pine is because I have a twinwall flue, which was rather bloody expensive. I was told by the chap that installed them that pine is the worst wood for leaving corrosive residues. Yes I would season it for sure.


Electric corded saws are not an option due to the location I cut. I also don't like the idea of having a cord dangling around me anyway, but I know those saws are plenty capable and have their uses. 

never liked the 16inch bar onthe 181,changed to a 12 a while back,good wee saw around half two three oclock in the afty.

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