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the village idiot

Climate change anyone?

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On 22/05/2019 at 21:13, difflock said:

maybe sterilise the Jeremy Kyle demographic😊


KJ, I see a use for that rather neat label, I shall therefore file it away for future use.


Would you still allow them to vote?

.......vote ? Are you mad ? Biggest decision they made was forgetting condoms on shopping list ! K

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10 hours ago, Khriss said:

.......vote ? Are you mad ? Biggest decision they made was forgetting condoms on shopping list ! K

I not unreasonably believe "these" people do not use shopping lists, at all, ever.

Anyway to use such a list would require the ability to both write and read.

So definitely not the case.


I once read a very good novel set in the period of the Roman Empire's zenith, the author chose to refer to such people as "the headcount", since they were not allowed to vote.

That seemed to be such a sound, well grounded decision.

Oops, I fear I am starting to sound like Big J.


Edit, why does "headcount" make me imagine Lice?

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7 hours ago, Stere said:



Prog was on last night, alot of the plasic the UK is  "recycling"  is ending up dumped in Malaysia alot  burn't  on a large scale...






Sweden apparently takes a fair amount of our baled plastic waste for burning in their combined heat and power/district heating schemes.


I think exported plastic waste is the chief source of ocean plastic forests, the people are paid to take it off our hands and simply dump what they cannot use into the nearest river.


This export should never have happened as the rules were that waste had to be dealt with locally, it seems it was the "packing recycling credits" that were allowed to breach this ban by claiming the waste was recycled and hence no longer waste.


The more insidious micro plastic which is now found in marine creatures and us if we eat them is more likely from the waste water from washing machines which beat little fibrils from our clothing as it is washed.



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Canada recently shipped 40 odd containers of recyclable plastic to Indonesia. When the containers we're unpacked it was found the plasic was pure rubbish. President Duterte demanded that Canada take it back, and Trudeau gave him the run-around, so Duterte lost his cool and threatened to declare war on Canada if they didn't take back their rubbish. They took it back.

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Hip Hip Hooray!

A long-long overdue response to the cynical UK Councils, Local Authorities,  Municipalities and Cities, exporting their waste, under the pretext it was re-cyclable, when any fool(i.e. yours truely/the very dogs in the street, et. al.) knew the Blue Bin waste was routinely contaminated, if not heavily contaminated with nappies and other black bin shite.

And was told by my fellow Officers on the Refuse side of the operation to wind my neck in, when I asked them simple, but unanswerable questions, yet they continued to  pontificate and publish about how much of our waste was being recycled.

Lying hypocritical Fuckers!

Ditto for the baled cardboard/paper/clean segregated plastic etc etc.


Disgusted of Dervock!

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