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Still bloody hopeful now £180 per day!

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On 25/01/2019 at 18:11, beddowtreeltd said:

Ok Re 3 jobs into 1.  Not at all, the role re-training would be a phone call regarding a member of staff who needs development in an area, discussion as to how to develop them internal: put on certain jobs with foreman for some on site time, add easy jobs around day to create time etc. or send out house or I spend time with them.  Equipment issues = "Mike we need this" = discussion as to benefit vs cost = then get it in.  Really it means if foreman wants certain rigging, saws, truck design, chippers, ladders, loaders, unit layout, yard layout, etc they have input.  Which means the efficiency of the business can be improved, this makes days easier, more productive and everyone more secure and happier!

It is not a role to absorb time like running a business does, it would allow someone to switch off at home time, probably a phone call in the car a few nights a week.  

Re "Anyone with those skills would be doing it for themselves" - Not everyone wants to be working all hours / days which is particularly important when establishing a business.  E.g. Some people may have children which they want to have time with and a role where they can be an active part in the business and therefore help create an environment they enjoy, whilst not having to worry about work flow, equipment, quotes, office work, accounts, advertising, managing staff, etc etc.

Re salary I'm easy paye or S/E as stated.  The earnings of £42k s/e would be just under the tax bracket for higher rate earning.  Costs such as running vehicles can be offset against tax and pension development managed by the candidate.  The package can be split in anyway but the ultimate cost per working day will be the same to the business. Certainly your suggestion of £30k + benefits would line up!  Its a choice for the candidate!


Re roles for current staff, yes working on it and no there is not a huge amount needs doing but I always aim to continue to improve.  If I can get someone else in to aid with the development it gives another point of view and to sustain work flow I can only be on site 1 day per week.


Essentially its a role for someone who wants to have input into shaping their own working environment but doesn't want to run a business.


Re the training / Arb Association would be something I would look at, albeit the system I use won't be far off.


And yes business is good and getting better although not bigger, hopefully!

Hope you find what your after as really come across as a tidy guy.

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On ‎25‎/‎01‎/‎2019 at 20:48, Yorkshire Brummie said:

Good points made by all. Anyone who has run their own business in this trade, however big or small, will understand too well that being the gaffer means you are often no longer able to focus on the various practical skills of Arboriculture, because you are so focused on keeping the priced works coming in.

I think the job offer on the table, perhaps along with a little tinkering suggested by Kriss and Stephen is about as near as possible to having your cake and eating it if you truly love the Arb game, want to be paid a proper wage and not just running your own business because of the buzz of chasing the money has perhaps clouded our vision

of why we entered the trade in the first place.

Sounds a very good opportunity to me,

 Good luck 



Sums it up very nicely and eloquently, thanks.  The package has always been open to discussion, mainly used S/e rates as the start as I thought the role would suit a climber that wants to have input into their environment and develop.

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One last throw of the dice on finding someone with the full skill set before I commit to plan B:

Plan B:  I will be looking for an experienced subby 1-2 days per week ongoing and another climber not at the level as described earlier but looking to develop, 5 days a week.  The 5 day a week climber could be at any level as priority will be finding someone that fits with the rest of the team.  Rates will reflect ability.

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