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Stephen Blair

Asthma, coughing and breathing

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Around a third of problems in the human body are a direct cause of inflammation.

We breathe in polluted air,we eat polluted foods,consume alcohol and take medicines which all have a long term counter productive effect.

My Mrs brews up her polly juice potion.Its tumeric root,ginger root in water and slowly simmered until its a dark yellow(like your piss when you come down out the tree dehydrated)

Add manuka honey to sweeten it and thats it.

Take a mug full twice a day.

It takes a week or so to feel the full effects but its better than any medication ive had for my tendonitis elbows,sore knees,coughs and colds.

Hope your altight blairy



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I’m not as fit as I used to be, in the last 5 years I’ve bought machinery to help my work, E bikes to help me cycle and now a mewp to save the climbing.  My body isn’t getting the abuse it used to but maybe it’s time I focused on cardio.


had my first drink last night in a month, some bubbles with my wife watching telly.  Never coughed from 6pm - 3pm today!  Even then it was just a litter splutter as I’d been out burning the Christmas wrapping😀

  I reckon the booze must of relaxed me a bit.

  Merry Christmas everyone.

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Happy new year!  Turns out I have asthma and the lung capacity of a 65 year old, I’m 43!

I was given a blue inhaler on the 27th, the first day I needed it 10 times, and it was the first night I’d slept right through in my bed for months.  Second day used it 6 times and then the 3rd once I think and then didn’t need it again.

  Luckily I improved after taking an inhaler on a test and managed to squeeze 300ml more air into my lungs when I visited the respitory nurse on Friday.

  I now have a brown steroid inhaler morning and night and the blue if needed.

  Simply having a diagnosis is such a relief and I’m back on my pills for my back as I thought they were what was making my breathing worse but apparently not.

  I’m easily getting 8-10 hours sleep now right through.  

  So it’s time to brush off the walking boots and get the air into my lungs.  

  I’ve to keep a diary now and triggers is 1 of the things, if fuel, exhausts and this work in general are to blame then that will change too.

  Well worth a trip to the doctors guys if any of you have similar.


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Grew out of my asthma  ( then heavily smoked fr ten years ! ) now find I snore louder than a Russian tank ! Might tape mouth shut, sounds abt right fr yr breathing. K

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