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Leaf Blowers

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Blowers are fab, you can get a fire or BBQ going with one, play a weird game of football with two, really piss the wife off by blowing her hair doo all over the place and.....oh yes, blow leaves over the neighbours lawn.....mine is of course....ported:thumbup:

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Kinda tempted to try and fabricate a blower flamethrower, with fuel injection of course,

really more of a giant blowlamp, but hey if Elon could call his blowlamp contraption a flamethrower,

why cant I.

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Mines a McCullough. Horrible vibrations make it almost unusable. One day I'll modify it to fire Guinness widgets. After I rig up some silicone antivibe. I had to tear the muffler apart to get the catalytic converter out as well. And fabricate a special device out of copper pipe to adjust the carb. Never again. That said, its been very reliable...

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3 hours ago, Billhook said:

We I am big and strong but I certainly know I have done some work after a couple of hours with the biggest Stihl model.


It is heavy on your back and after an hour the constant pressure on your right arm starts to make it ache.  On top of this I seem to attract static electric shocks which sort of sting rather than really hurt.  But there again the equivalent amount of raking or brushing would be harder and take much longer.

For speed when clearing leaves it is unbeatable.  I also use it at harvest to sweep the grain spilt when tipping the trailer as well as clearing out the barns.  It saves a ton of work with a brush.  And yes this model will move sawdust quite easily.  The final use is for clearing out the gutters for which I have a length of 2.5" diameter plastic pipe fitted to the end of the blower hose with a U shaped loop at the top which works a treat and saves balancing on ladders.

Top tip is buy the straight end tube bit for the br700. No more aching arm.

massive difference weirdly.

or just cut the bend bit off the end of the original.

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I usually will only use mine for at the end of a job like hedge cutting to blow any remaining material back into bushes .for dealing with large amounts of leafs its quicker with big leaf rake and ton bag or mowing them up...my Bg86 is very noisey I may change to a Honda 4 stroke

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5 hours ago, Shane said:

Gravel drive, leaf blower every time.

Final tidy up after raking, leaf blower.


Ah, gravel - I see your point. Raking or sweeping gravel is a 'mare for sure. Woodchip shaving spindrift or leaves and twigs or whatever on gravel has got to be an exception.

Perhaps I should concede to the "after raking" too? (as the blowing will be for a shorter period than it would have been).

Maybe Stihl and others will come up with some high powered, quality-quiet electric blowers soon...

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