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Leaf Blowers

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In my book, you rake, then blow (excuse the expression), don't like it when folk go for the blower before any raking has been done. I'm worried i'm turning into a grumpy old fart.

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This kind-of brings me to one of my points...
When using a vacuum cleaner indoors, one doesn't have to use ear defenders, nor does the person in the next room. 
Obviously, we all need ear defenders while using chainsaws. But tree-work is such an active and focused activity; and when it's done, it's done (for a couple of years at least) and we move on. In contrast; the armies of weekly returning, zombie-moving, droning, ghostbuster pack-style leaf blowers with covered ears in suburban areas just seem so incessantly passive, yet deafening to everyone else around them - including all the winter birds and hibernating animals. (As well as the occasional gardener on adjoining land - who is only using a rake and barrow, with naked ears. 
I'm not sore! Really... 
One thing I would add in favour of manual methods though is it is really valuable raking a lawn, as I don't know any leaf blower that lifts up moss, and perhaps the work-out saves on any Gym fees too? Sweeping keeps long drives weed free with the similar scarifying process it involves, whereas a leaf blower just shoves the valuable composting "detritus" under a hedge or onto adjoining land (or the next person's garden) - which I might happen to be in, and presented with a bit extra to tidy up; after my ears have stopped ringing.
But, the more I think about this, the more I smile - as I realise how much of our lives seem to be just moving vegetation from one area to another; whether manually, with hand tools - or mechanically.
Anyway, thank y'all - I was not worried, but I do feel better for verbally venting this niggle.
Perhaps if leaf- blowers were just quieter?
...perhaps if I was?

Mechanical aids and technology are breeding and turning us in to a lazy nation / world i think. To be honest we can probably all admit to that. Its a given through all industries i think now to give mechanical aids where possible. But i think it has a negative knock on affect all the way back to the youngsters of now, who are all sat at home on their phones and computers etc all day / night, with not much interest for the great outdoors. Its to easy to go for the mechanical aid rather than the manual aid these days, and i’ll admit Chessa (for my lazy sins) i’m still contemplating buying a blower / mulcher, purely because it would be so much faster and easier for me. I’m not lazy by any means, quite the opposite with regular 5am rises and midnight off to sleeps with a manual labouring job through the day. But your right, pros and cons to both sides defo
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A lot of points here , pray add:

Lazy young groundie starts blower whilst yr dragging brushwood.

Blowers will not lift 5" of sawdust ( see above ) off a chog site

Raking is good fr yr climbing shoulders 

Raking lowers pollution levels and toxic fumes

Blowers drive me nuts at 17.00Hrs as community gardener uses one fr two hours to move a bin bag of leaves from one end of yard to another - interrupting my well earned wine break . 

Raking finds lost keys that fell out of yr pocket whilst climbing.

Raking prevents young groundies from using mobile phones ( two hands )

Blowers leave a smart border on lawns and allow you to blast loads of shit under next doors hedge.

A water bottle full through air turbine intake is a cooling summer drench.

Blowers get nicked a lot - Rakes do not .

Blowers are a useful tree survey decay tool for cleaning root flares.

Blowers scare cats.


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9 minutes ago, doobin said:

Blowers are a great tool- for the final tidy up.


And for stuffing air into a fire to make an inferno.

Oil drum with hole at bottom n a bit of steel tube to fit the blower to- an there is yr own Air Burner ! Smokeless incineration . K

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I find the incessant drone of a hedgecutter   more irritating . ( when its not me ) 🙂

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We I am big and strong but I certainly know I have done some work after a couple of hours with the biggest Stihl model.


It is heavy on your back and after an hour the constant pressure on your right arm starts to make it ache.  On top of this I seem to attract static electric shocks which sort of sting rather than really hurt.  But there again the equivalent amount of raking or brushing would be harder and take much longer.

For speed when clearing leaves it is unbeatable.  I also use it at harvest to sweep the grain spilt when tipping the trailer as well as clearing out the barns.  It saves a ton of work with a brush.  And yes this model will move sawdust quite easily.  The final use is for clearing out the gutters for which I have a length of 2.5" diameter plastic pipe fitted to the end of the blower hose with a U shaped loop at the top which works a treat and saves balancing on ladders.

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