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Favourite softwood

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31 minutes ago, richardwale said:

Just because it's evergreen doesn't make it softwood. 

Holm oak for example, or softwood that drops its leaves like larch...


Interesting diversion.

I remember at school it being said that balsa wood was a hard wood 'cos deciduous' but it's only just occurred to me: since yew is lumped in with the coniferæ, does that make yew a softwood? Or is it a bit more complicated than that?


ETA have just noticed that you OP'd with yew.

Just ignore me.

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Yew-wood. country furniture made from it is fabulous.




Edit... (sorry, just noticed this is on the firewood forum). Those items can hardly be described as firewood!

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2 hours ago, se7enthdevil said:

softwood species all come from the gymnosperm side of the plant family.

Ok, so is there a layman's way of identifying that?


I knew it wasn't quite as simple as deciduous Vs evergreen but knew no more than that.  A more accurate layman's guide/rule would be lovely.

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Broadly speaking, all needle bearing trees are softwoods and all broadleaves are hardwoods (except ginkgo bilobo, which is technically neither). Hardwood and softwood really only refers to the reproductive cycle and bears little relation to the hardness of the timber.

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