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Chainsaw Gloves

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Hi ladies and gents,

I'm a newbie to this site so if I have posted in the wrong forum please let me know.


I'm not a professional chainsaw user but use a Husqy 435 for cutting up deadwood and logs for firewood from my brother-inlaw's forest for myself. 


I don't climb trees and keep my feet firmly on the ground.


I've gone through quite a few chainsaw gloves and I am wondering for advice for the best possible chainsaw gloves that offers the highest class of protection. 


I have seen these:

Arbortec AT900 Expert Chainsaw Gloves


I appreciate everyone has their own preferences.






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Most pros don't ware them dude. They were designed to protect the back of the hand from being damaged by the "chainbreak" in the days when chainsaw chainbreak were made of metal and didn't actually function as a chainbreak, just a barrier between the front-most hand and the chain in a kickback. That's why some brands only have padding on the left hand glove, though most seem to pad both now. There is some argument that the padding could offer some small protection if one was using a top handle saw one handed, and the off hand got in the way, but if proper work practice is respected this should never happen, and even then, the % protection would be minimal at best. As I understand it the HSE requirements for gloves is something of a mistake, as most chainsaw gloves actually don't allow the same grip strength and friction as modern working gloves, green palm or black. Both pairs I own, are sub-par in this respect and I feel they actually put me at risk, especially the Hysqvarna ones, which are leather and downright slippery when wet.

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pretty much what he said.  The other thing gloves will do though is offer some protecting against vibrations.  I would wear some sort of glove for this reason alone.

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I dont use them but seem to remember be told that they offer protection if a chain snaps and whips back around the handle. Never had a chain snap and no idea if there is and truth and that.

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Main thing is to make sure any PPE you use is comfortable, suitable for use and you use it! Also no gloves or other PPE will offer full protection. Most important thing is training in safe use and operation of a chainsaw, they are potentially lethal and even pros have been seriously injured or even been killed by them, recent post on here about a climber killed working with a chainsaw. 

Don't assume 'just cutting a bit of firewood' makes it any safer, saw chain at full power is going at over 17 metres per second. Presume you have other PPE as well? Cringe when I see people using saws in trainers, jeans and no face/eye protection.


My advice is go and have a look at a choice as like the other guys have said some gloves are awful on grip I had some Oregon's that looked similar - grip was awful, kicking around in the garage somewhere now.


HSE chainsaw use link



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As others have said chainsaw gloves are very limitied in any protection they give.


When in the history of man has anyone ever tripped/fell and put the back of there hand onto the ground/chain 1st to stop them.


Get some training in proper use, learn about kick backs etc, chain right tension, chain catcher on saw not bent/broke and use the chain brake when u take ur hands off saw.

All the above simple things plus a few other things are more worthwhile than chainsaw gloves

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Arbtech do a decent range of gloves. I use their chainsaw work gloves £30 something.  I mainly work in forestry and ground work, they fit well and don't loose their shape. So far I have used one pair for 6mths with no issues other than the general wear that I would expect.


Failing that you can get a pair of wondergrip neo gloves, far cheaper and no chainsaw protection but fab grip.


But even I land up not always wearing them as my hands get to hot and I have better grip on the saw without them, I just put it in my risk assessment when on site to cover my arse ;)


Hope that helps.

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They are on the courses.
In real life, useless.
I go through a pair or two of gloves every week.
Using cheap stihl rubbery jobs. Great grip even in the wet.
Most chainsaw protection gloves are rated at "0"
Meaning it will protect you if the saw is slowing down and you catch yourself.
Again in real life it's complete bollocks.
A running saw will cut straight through a chainsaw glove.
So to pass your test get yourself some £30 gloves.
Then once passed get some cheap grippy gloves.
Otherwise I'd be spending £30-£60 a week on gloves that don't work.

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