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Absolutely delighted with my 45kw solar focus boiler and 3000lt buffer tank. These was installed 3 years ago after completing the house extension and had the choice of a heat meter or get a Green deal assessment done to calculate the heat and hot water requirements for a 4 bedroomed house. I opted for the latter and get paid every the RHI every quarter and will almost cover the installation costs. I got the boiler from AD Heating in Fyvie and they have been great with service and help when required. I also used to heat my house with wood with a Stanley range in the kitchen and a 14kw Hunter Herald in the downstairs living room. I have since had to take out the Stanley range as it was never needed, but with the kitchen having no other source of heat I removed the range and installed radiators. I also got the installer to fit a Heat exchanger in the extension which separates the new pressurized system and allows me to keep the vented system off of the stove an added bit of heat if required! Having said that the stove only gets lighted after coming home on a cold snowy day and usually after 30 minutes everybody has to go to the kitchen of sitting room upstairs as the room gets too hot!IMG_0034.thumb.JPG.c603ec16c5426103ff8f5bedd167f927.JPG

I a little bit more wood now with the Biomass than before with the 2 fires BUT the wifes happy as not as much mess in the house and the house is twice the size! All in all best thing I did was install the boiler.



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Hi Callum, 

Our system was also installed by Athol Ducat (A.D. Heating). They also did a great job on the installation in 2013. Unfortunately, (after I'd followed Athol's advice about having a 60 Kw boiler) a retrospective consultation by the DECC excluded me from accessing the Domestic RHI as the boiler was then supposedly too large. 

Luckily I retained my oil boiler for those days when we are both away during a winter and cannot set a fire. Turn two levers in the system and the oil system is ready to go. It just needs occasional use to keep the seals lubricated.



Do you find with the 3000 ltr tank and 45Kw boiler that it is easy to over cook the tank?

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And here’s his final say (received just now) on the matter:

Dear Mr Baldbloke,

The regulations require that an MCS certificate is issued, the restriction in place from MCS is that only plants up to 45kW in capacity can be issued with a valid certificate. As such your installation cannot have a certificate issued nor can it be eligible on the scheme.

Kind Regards,

Chris Baitrum

Domestic RHI Officer

Domestic RHI

Commonwealth House

32 Albion Street


G1 1LH

Tel: 0300 003 0744


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From: Baldbloke [mailto:*****@gmail.com]
Sent: 26 April 2018 00:54
To: Domestic RHI
Subject: Re: Domestic RHI and whether I can apply.

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you lot are mad messing about with fires.


If you have land, ground source heat pump if you dont air source heat pump. 



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12 hours ago, Baldbloke said:

Do you find with the 3000 ltr tank and 45Kw boiler that it is easy to over cook the tank?

Its quite easy to cook the water tank but getting used to it now! I only burn soft wood as its cheaper and have loads of room to store it so when the tank is above 45*C I only part load the boiler if lit in the morning as the heating will be off. If lit at night I put a full charge in as the heating will be on and use the excess heat. If below 45 full charge and the tank will not cook. I have plans to fit the pellet option on the boiler with a large pellet store for holidays and the like, and the only thing to change is the grate.  Also forgot to say that after the green deal assessment of the house I only required a 35kw boiler but with a bit of research and looking at the posts on here decided to fit a bigger boiler 45kw (although the same phisical size as the 35kw one) and the biggest thermal store I could fit, just wish I built the shed bigger and fitted a 4000lt tank. During winter boiler lit once a day or 3 times every 2 days, summer once every 2-3 days depending on ambient temperature for heating in the evening.

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