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Etched stove glass

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1 hour ago, forestgough said:

I had a milky ,foggy type of deposit on my glass ,that reappeared after cleaning with ash or cider vinegar as suggested on youtube. Then I tried 1500 grade wet and dry paper and 10 minutes of rubbing and wiping later it was crystal clear and has stayed that way all week.

  I burn anything in my burner from painted wood to logs to chipboard etc.

It seems to work on ceramic glass. It's funny how the majority of stove glass companies says once etched it's etched forever 😡

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Mine started when I tried to clean hot glass - it looked a bit dirty so wiped it with a damp cloth and then the glass went cloudy. Never thought about wet and dry paper but thats irrelevant now.. a crack from top to bottom is a bit much even for a DIY fix

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5 hours ago, forestgough said:

I burn anything in my burner from painted wood to logs to chipboard etc.

I've found that the best way to set a flue on fire is to burn chipboard, the glue raises the temp enough to set it up anytime you like !  Pretty good as a tool.. but not good as an accident.... just my experience...

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16 hours ago, mattplace said:


That's how my glass starts, then it starts at the top left corner and slowly expands across.

My Ash goes like that and I just assumed it's how it goes with good stoves. I probably empty it once a week with it being used every day. Unbelievable compared to my old inefficient stove which I had to empty every day!

My glass was dirty after the first couple of fires when the stove was new, and that took serious scrubbing with the supplied glass cleaner to get off. But after that (once the glass had cured I suppose) a wipe over is all that's needed and it doesn't seem to be "sticking" so far.

Glad it's not just me, don't think this stove has done it before. I empty mine once every couple of months! (Also used every day, but it's a big firebox).


16 hours ago, openspaceman said:

It's clinker, the fire has got hot enough to fuse the ash. I've never experienced it other than with coal where it blocks the grate and stops air getting through. It is worse with fuels with high ash, like straw or willow SRC.

Good to know, thanks. Not seen it on a woodburner before. Just burning normal logs, but quite a lot of them!

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