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Woodlands Mill for hobby work. Your thoughts please

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Afternoon All.


I live in Perthshire, Scotland. I do some woodworking as a hobby over and above my other farming job. Places you can buy kiln dried or air dried hardwood near me is very limited and the place I do go to ain't cheap.


My wife needs a horse shelter built. I could buy the HM122 or even stretch to the HM126 model for less than she's been quoted to have one built in softwood.


Im thinking I could buy the mill and using standing timber I can access for free from the farm build the shelter myself. Then I could start processing my own hardwood for woodworking and if it goes well invest in a small sauno kiln to speed up the process possibly even moving into selling some sawn hardwood pieces online?!?


so, am I being mad or is this a possibility?!? 


I can can get my hands on as much standing Alder, Ash, Oak, Sycamore and Horse Chestnut as I want for free, plus I can get rounds of softwood for cost price.


In addition I have some land for the mill, some unused sheds for air drying and a forklift for the heavy stuff.


so those with experience, does it sound viable? Will it make me a few shekels, purely as a hobby, and are the woodlands mill 122 or 126 petrol versions up to the job?


thanks for any advice!





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Hi John I would go for it , build the shelter and mill some stuff for yourself , if it turns out it’s not working for you sell the mill on they hold an ok resale price as long as you look after it , haven’t heard anyone say anything bad about the woodland mills , if I had the cash I would prob buy one , all the best  Mark

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Got a woodland mills hm 130 which I had since may 17 great mill cuts hardwood no problem you can make good money with the hardwood but that’s long term so in the meantime I cut Douglas fir for cladding garden bench’s tables ect which you can make good money from I would say go for it

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if your going to site your mill on a permanant location, go for the 126 in electric, lower running costs, and a lot quieter, for some reason electric mills always seem to cut quicker than engine driven ones


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Thanks all for the feedback.


i think I'm going to go for it with a HM126 model. Just under £3,700 delivered with ten blades.


i'm going to have to look into drying timber now! The sauno kiln from Logosol also looks like a possible addition if it's any good!


ill keep you all posted once I've done final sums and if it all adds up I'll order one at the end of the month once I've been paid!







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I was in a similar situation 3 years ago, bought the mill and used it in the yard for a while. Then used it to build the shed it sits in, then a little workshop, then my wife’s cabin in the garden, then extended the cattle shed, did a few mantles from oak, cut masses of strainers and other fencing gear,etc etc. It’s been a smashing bit of kit, well worth the money, I’ve had literally nothing go wrong with it. Currently looking at stump grinders and considering the woodland mill version purely off the back of experience with the mill I had of them. Go for it, you won’t look back!

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