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Best value second hand chipper 6" logs + brash?

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On 30/12/2017 at 13:13, cjdg said:

Dear All,

Am responsible for bringing to heel about 80 acres of stored woodland of which I own about 20%.  Complete newby and aim to get it managed within 5 years.  Have some knowledge of timber in the lab and in buildings (www.atics.co.uk) but limited out in the woodland. Have an Avant 760i  and most of the attachments needed but need a chipper that is a) suitable for the short term volume of work (I guess several hundred hours), easy to maintain, runs on diesel, has hydraulic input,  can be towed or pushed to awkward locations, directional output for trailer as chips are due to be sold or used to make compost and wont break the bank.   I have come to the conclusion that it is either a Timberwolf 150 HB towed to location via the Avant or a tractor OR one like this  https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TH8-HYDRUALIC-DOUBLE-FEED-CHIPPER-FORESTRY-WOOD-PROCESSING/173020236598?hash=item2848cf4b36:g:tHUAAOSwySVaErtg  from MDL https://www.mdlpowerup.com/product/th8-pto-driven-twin-roller-chipper/

The latter will of course need the tractor with the chipper and so collection of chippings would have to be by another machine.  

What chipper would the combined wisdom of the forum advice?

More specifically, I have two TW 150s in mind - one is 2006 and going for under £3k but looks really tatty despite its low hours 600 odd

The other is 2013 and has done 900 hours and looks pretty good despite its apparent suspect "provenance" from a "vendor" that does not live on the UK mainland and refuses to accept payment other than by Pay Pal (has turned down a BACS). Would you go for the older or younger one?  After how many hours do these machines require serious maintenance eg  major engine rebuild or chipper bearings etc ?  ie say the equivalent for the average car was 100,000 miles when one should think of getting rid of it 



I ended up running a mile from the Isle of Man "offer" which had all the appearance of a scam and bought the 2006 one which was actual a 1998 one.  It has been running well for the last two days  so will spend a week clearing my brash and then play with servicing it. Thanks to all kind offers of help and advice.  I am really impressed with this machine - old though it is as my previous one (a 4" Caravaggio) which I will now sell to a gardener or DIY person (it is completely useless for forestry) for leaves and branches to make compost!  

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On 10/01/2018 at 23:53, arcwoodlands said:

do you need a chipper to manage a wood?

Yes! am inundated with several hundred cubic m or brash and only one tenth through it in two days. To explain: the woodland has been stored (neglected!) for the best part of 90 years with sycamore and yew all gone wild

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On 30/12/2017 at 14:36, TheHungrySquirrel said:

Where are you based? It may work out easier to get a man and chipper in than buying a possible 2nd hand money pit

Thanks but am sorted and as I am effectively retired (what a joke) it is cheaper for me to roll up my sleeves and get on with it but thanks for the offer

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