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Inconsiderate Parking

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parked right up to gate both times they were enjoying horizontal refreshment and no I did not wait until they had finished! [/url]


Should that be horizontal recreation, unless they were laid down eating :blushing:

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The car didn't block the entrance entirely as he got through. If it's an on going issue then put a sign up. Of course we walk past cars every day, cctv etc, but we don't photograph them and splash on all over a forum do we.

If it's a one off situation that a car parked close to his gate big deal, he got in found the owners, sorted.

Let's splash it all over a forum shall we. :thumbdown::thumbdown:


While this OP's point was regarding the problem he faced on the day it also highlights the problem of random vehicles blocking gates/access when there is no need. We get it all the time and its very frustrating especially when you've journeyed to a job and can't get in....:thumbdown: It shows how obnoxious the public can be.. Regarding the number plate I presume you're joking? Number plates are everywhere, aren't they?

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Out deer stalking, on private land in my early years of life, car and dog walking asked bloke to please park on other side as private land and shooting in progress hence red flag out and bloody big sign No entry! Bloke replied FRO !!

Shooting buddy smiled held me back No Problem ! When idiot walked off, buddy got his JCB and polite dug a hole, push car into hole so car was say 3/4 deep in hole. Remove JCB . New chain and padlocked the gates shut. Stuck a notice on the car informing he was trespassing.

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When things don't cooperate, children, adults or animals. I find a dose of cold water helps. No physical contact but a good shock and wet inconvenience. Probably classed as assault.


I'm not all for the territorial landowner with instant anger and loud profanities. Nor am I for the ignorant tramping over other people's property. Somewhere in the middle such as asking permission I reckon. I do fencing for people, often to keep dog walkers off private land. Yet they damage the gates or fence or punch through the hedge further along.


My wife summed up an instance a couple of years ago. We was working on an estate which kindly let someone plant a memorial oak and scatter ashes. Relatives parked up and come through asking why we where installing fence and gate. We mentioned dog egg problem. They had pathetic fluffy toy dog with them. Went to memorial, came back so far with doggy bag. By they got to us said bag obviously vanished in the collection suspended decorating the spruces.


My wife said " I'd like to go and hang it on the oak tree"


Doesn't sound nice, but you have to make it about them to get the message home, people are so self centered. I've never understood the logic of many dog owners. Why have an animal you think you need to take out in all weathers if your premises aren't big enough or it doesn't get its exercise in the working day. You don't keep a cow in a small back garden then take it for walkies.


As for horses and hunt, just throw the rule book out. It doesn't apply to the mob!



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Anyone else suffer from the idiots parking in woodland access gateways?


Managed to get in at an angle but would not have got anything bigger than pickup in.


I found the owners at the top end of our wood walking their dogs - on the bridleway so no problem there. When I asked politely if it was their car initially they said no then thought better of it and admitted it was theirs but they were just walking and when they'd finished they would go back and move it! Politely I suggested they moved it now and was then told but "there's a public footpath sign so it's all right" :dong:


My reply "but there isn't a big blue public parking sign though is there?"


After a bit more education about my wood being my workplace and would they be happy if I obstructed their drive etc they moved it.


YES and I used to find it quite annoying but now I get great satisfaction out of it, I used to sit there getting wound up but now a day's I go out the other gate then park my truck across the front of the offending car then take my dog for a walk, when I return (with caution) there is either some one on the phone telling someone that some w----r has parked right in front of my car and i cant get out or there's a couple arguing ,I told you not to park here, if I can confront them about parking I ask them if they have children, if yes I just say if it was your son or daughter working with us and they had a serious accident with a saw and we needed a ambulance but access was denied by some inconsiderate Pearson parking in the access gate and denying the paramedics access ,how would you feel, answer is usually point taken, another was sat & sun a 4x4 parked but to the side just leaving me enough room but barrier opens out so I used to just let it bang against the rear corner don't see it now.

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