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150 ft Redwood Removal - Italy

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Very nice work Giorgio! Really good to see some stuff from other countries. You must be very patient to have rigged it down in so many sections. Any ideas of the weights of the pieces you were snatching down. Did the rope get glazzed?

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Thanks again for your opinion...

The pieces I made slide were about 1,65-1,75 yards of diameter.

the weight of the wood was 1,590 lb per cubic meter.

I'm sorry but I'm not english and I don't understand what do you mean with "Did the rope get glazzed?" can you ask me again?


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Hey Giorgio.


Thanks for a great vid.


I think the word PHENOM is looking for is either, glassa,

smalto or



Possibly the verbo:glassare or



But what do I know!:blushing:, I've only just got to grips with Portuguese!


You work with a good crew and the video was a pleasure to watch.



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Thanks for you help Luncherman...:thumbup1:

I still don't know what Phenom was trying to ask me, but in any case the answer is: the rope was ok (are you referring to a particular photo you saw?)

Maybe I coul learn portuguese... I guess It's a bit easier :001_tongue:

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Welcome to the forum Giorgio. Fantastic video. Thanks for joining up and explaining it. Cheers. Tom

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Georgio - 128ft is believable. Done a couple myself at that height.

My Crane comment was purely my opinion - I was'nt there, so it was'nt my decision to make.

Great display of skill on your part though.


Ed, 46 metres is about 150 feet. And that tree could well have been that tall.


Though sequoia do tend to be less tall than a similar aged redwood.


I may be removing a similar sized one here in Seattle. It's canopy is wider than Georgio's tree, and thus probably not as tall. I think it is about 120-135...... Plus, it is only 86 years old---and 10 feet at ground level. We grow 'em fast up here!!

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Welcome, Georgio! Impressive tree and work!


I posted to you on You-Tube!


A question (and tip to all you arb's) :


Were there any ground obstructions within about 15 feet of the upper side of the tree? I saw the wall...and a structure......Was there anything underground that could have been damaged?


The reason I ask, is, sometimes, on a slope, if I don't want to be bothered lowering wood, but have a limited drop zone, I employ a vertical speed line, which is this, for those who don't know:


Attach line just below piece to be cut, and run it down to a portawrap. Leave a bit of slack. Attach log being cut to the line via a sling and shackle. Let it drop. Have portawrap positioned where the log won't hit it (Impact is possible, so best not to use a fixed, expensive lowering device.) Rope handler can let a tad of slack out to reduce possible shock load on the line if the log tries to take off downhill.


If the lay of the land allowed this technique, you could have had a portable saw mill of some kind all ready to go into action, producing very valuable lumber.


Also, another tip. Check out Reg's block driver (some here can link to it for ya)


or employ a couple dowels, anywhere from 0.8 cm to broken rake handle size to roll large chunks off the stem with ease. You just need a crowbar to lift the sections. (Which you obviously had, as you had to lift the sections to fit the ratchet strap. (That was a very slick idea! Thanks!)

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