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Burr oak, what's it worth?

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Some of you might of seen my post on Facebook that went viral. Well because of that post I now have another burr oak to sell but am not sure on the price. It's 95 hoppus feet and has been down for 5 years, it's solid on ether end tho.


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I had burr Oak that was similar to yours posted above, though not quite as big but big enough to get the 090 on the move. Mine was dead standing timber, had my eye on it for a while. Plucked up courage to ask the landlord if I could have it. On my birthday two years ago set a day aside and got stuck in. Felling cut nice and low, back cut in. The sawdust changed colour mid cut, tree fell and was a nasty hole right up the middle. Appears it had honey fungus.only managed to get half dozen boards.

Yours appears to of blown over, with darkness on the roots......

Good luck!

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I would like to see a link to the Facebook mate sound interesting? I would pay pretty much anything for that log!!!

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Haha! That pic has just made me do a happy wee :blushing::blushing:


Very hard to say how many £ as it depends on how you sell it. In the round? Planked but green?? Planked and dried??? Planked,dried and planed????


Also I expect it will vary from piece to piece.


But got to be some magical figuring in that log :laugh1::thumbup1: make sure you put more pics up as you get into it.

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That's the link Blaisly.


It's weird, it just blew up. I didn't expect it to go that big it's nearly had 60k views. People just assumed that I went and cut it down for the crack when in actual fact there was a lot of meetings on the route and especially about the trees and the rare mussels.


Kinder scout, will give you a pm tonight if I get time tomorrow I will give you a phone.



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Jesus, some savage comments on there. People are so hilariously hypocritical. Very well felled (having done some large veneer butts in the past myself) and I'm glad to see it's going to be appropriately used.

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