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Entry level/trainee work Belfast?


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Hi, I am on the hunt for any entry level job in Belfast, I am happy to do brush dragging/labouring to get my foot in the door but my end goal is to become a skilled climber so I am trying to get the experience I need. I am happy enough to start of doing 1 or 2 days a week on a voluntary basis.


I have my CS30 and I am aiming to do more tickets but I am reluctant to fork out the money at the minute with no way of putting what I learn to good use.


I have done a couple of trial days with a company but didn't hear anything back, I work hard and wasn't told anything negative on the job so I assume it was my lack of experience that has failed me here. I have also emailed all companies local to me but have not heard anything back and trainee jobs/apprenticeships seem to be non existent in Northern Ireland


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks, Thomas.

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It may be that the company you worked for just needed an extra pair of hands on a job at the time, so don't take it personally. I'd give them a call to find out. If they're honest they should tell you, if there were other reasons why they wouldn't want to employ you hopefully they'll tell you and you can rectify the issues.


A month before Christmas isn't the busiest time of year for a lot of tree firms. Domestic work is quiet, site work needs staff with CSCS cards and other tickets, you may struggle.


I'd offer a day voluntary, no more, as a trial and anyone worth their salt should give you something if you've earned it. Be wary if you're not offered at least your expenses.


We get emails practically weekly from people trying to get their foot in the door in the industry. The ones we've taken on have turned up at the door to ask. Don't turn up at 7.30 in the morning, everyone is too busy trying to get out to site to spare you the time of day - end of the day is usually better.


Lack of experience shouldn't be an issue, we all started out the same. If you've been honest, no-one should hold that against you.


What helps is if you drive, have a clean licence and can tow. If you don't, be prepared and willing to learn.


The job ain't rocket science, just show common sense, respect people and equipment, listen and take heed of what you are told. One last thing - leave your phone at home or in the vehicle.



Bet ya wished you'd never asked :biggrin: Good luck!

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That's all great info, thank you. The company I have done the trials with had paid me both times which I wasn't expecting but really appreciated.


I understand about there not being too much work available at the minute and hope that come the new year that there may be more. I am happy to volunteer to get experience.


I want to get more tickets but in NI there are no colleges that offer any Arb related courses and there appears to be no funding, so I can only do the tickets one at a time and all fees will be paid in full by myself and as you know they aren't cheap so I don't want to be doing tickets and not be able to put them into practice, i'm worried that all the information gained will be lost by the time I get some work.


I am keen to learn


I don't drive at the minute but that is something I am working on and will hopefully have it sorted soon.


I assumed, possibly wrongly, that people would not want to be bothered at the yard before or after.


Thanks again for the help.

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I assumed, possibly wrongly, that people would not want to be bothered at the yard before or after.




I don't know how others feel, but if someone is keen enough to be knocking on the door, they want to work.


Emails are okay, but like I said - we get a lot. First impressions count and if a lad is up front enough to be stood there, it's hard to say no if you're in a position to help.


I think you're going to have to be prepared to accept rejections, but keep trying. Might be worth buying some cheap business cards with your details on, asking everyone you get to talk to, to pin it on their wall so if they need you for a day or two your numbers there. Vistaprint do a 100 for around twenty pounds.


Remember though, that tickets aren't everything. A lot of us older folk did a lot of treework before getting tickets because we wanted to do tree work. Be enthusiastic, keen to learn and useful. Get to learn what needs doing, prep saws for the climber and if short of something to do, ask what needs doing.


Wish you luck

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Thanks for this.


I will leave it until after Christmas in the hopes that there is a need for more hands and go to a few yards and ask. I like the idea about the cards, I may give it a try.


Its hard to know what to do in regards to tickets, all the jobs I have seen require you to have both tickets and experience and the experience seems difficult to get without tickets and its hard to justify doing so many tickets without experience to get the basics nailed.


I'll keep plugging away though, its definitely a career that I want.


Thanks, Thomas.

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