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  1. Stihl MS261 stalling when chain brake applied

    Whats the new bearing like? looks like its gone, take it apart and have a look if you haven't already.
  2. Stihl MS192T top end

    1137 020 1203 Ordered. £44.43 for a new genuine piston and cylinder kit. For that price its not even worth considering aftermarket parts like I was doing at one point. When did Stihl slash their prices?
  3. HS81 cylinder replacement gasket question

    no sealant on the gasket just completely remove the old gasket from all surfaces, hedgecutter flywheels don't have a thread on them like the saws.
  4. Stihl MS192T top end

    Thank You.
  5. Stihl MS192T top end

    Does anyone know what the difference is between the three part numbers for the 192T piston and cylinder kit? 1137 020 1200 1137 020 1201 1137 020 1203 The guy on the counter says all are available but he cant say which one replaces the one on my saw that is a 2013 model with the cylinder date stamped 2012. A search online says that they changed the inlet manifold mounting on one of them but I cant find out which one. Has anyone had any experience of these parts? Help would be appreciated as I don't want to be ordering the wrong one and then having to go through the rigmarole of returning it and waiting for the next one to arrive to find out its wrong again and then being third time lucky.
  6. Lockup was Broken into

    Sorry you've been turned over, was only thinking yesterday that nothing has been posted in this section for 5 weeks so thefts must have died down since that big find at the Irish Docks. Logging serial numbers is one thing, I always get pictures of all my gear with its markings and identifying marks, seeing a picture of a machine with the postcode and name marked into the plastic is a lot easier for people to look out for than saying it has my company name on it.
  7. High Waters

    How long was it sat underwater? I'm guessing a good few hours. Ideally it needs completely stripping down and cleaning, white rot will also have started to set in.
  8. Stihl 200t running issues

    Take exhaust off and have a look at piston, sounds like a knackered or worn piston and cylinder to me.
  9. Parts indentification and replacements..?

    If its the saw in your other post you are selling I wouldn't bother, a new bar and chain will cost more than the chainsaw is worth,
  10. fs36 stimmer won't start?

    Sounds like the carb is not clean enough, have you had it in a ultrasonic cleaner? if not and you don't know anyone with one most motorbike shops have one and will charge around £15 to boil it for half an hour.
  11. Hedge Trimmer Blade

    This wont work on your machine its not a hl135 its a hs61, completely different set up.
  12. Stihl MS181 ignition coil

    disconnect the two wires and try it, have you got the insulator in place?
  13. Spark plug cable

    It looks like its screwed in, some are moulded in and wont come out. Take the unit off it makes it a lot easier.
  14. Stihl MS181 ignition coil

  15. Stihl MS181 ignition coil

    The majority of the new stihl saws have the plastic insulator, some just have plastic washers, the part number is correct 1139 is the series of saw, this equates to the 171 181 211. 1302 is the ending of the part number, all that's missing is the 400 in the middle like all stihl coils have, so the part number is 1139 400 1302. Not sure of the configuration of the coil / flywheel but you need to get a coil that ends in the same last 4 digits as your origional or the part that has replaced it, some flywheels and coils you cant mix and match. If the holes wont line up with the mounting holes on the cylinder its deffinately the wrong coil.


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