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  1. A public "good" must be paid for from the public purse

    You can't plant on deep peat in the UK anymore, that precludes the majority of grouse moors anyway. Most new planting in UK uplands replaces sheep farming where you have a compacted top layer causing fast runoff/little infiltration, even ploughing (not often used anymore because of runoff fears) can increase infiltration rates and a net positive effect. Whether it's commercial planting or not doesn't make a huge amount of difference, there is a small increase runoff speed in the first 1/2 years then a significant reduction from then on. All you need to do is spread the time between peak rainfall and it reaching a watercourse and you can reduce peak river flow effectively. However, I completely agree that we are seeing more extreme weather and building houses on floodplains is just stupid
  2. Always check halfway down a foresters back...

    Knowing NRW and the company involved I would be willing to put money on their being no foresters involved...
  3. Budget today

    Potentially, they are calling Labour's bluff on calling an election as they would surely lose, by the time there is an election this will have blown over/been reinstated to appear to be propping up small businesses as previously suggested. The other side to this is that they are hoping to raise the same amount as they are spending extra on social care, whether we agree with where it's coming from or not it must be a good thing given it's dreadful current state
  4. Budget today

    Take a quick look
  5. £20 Aldi Fishing Jacket.

    Just ordered one in small, I'll report back on how it fits all 5'5 of me...
  6. Help with conifer ID please

    Looks like Hemlock, from the bark I would say it's Eastern Hemlock rather than Western but it's hard to tell
  7. Clear fell

    Even with no thinning you are likely to have roughly 1000 fewer trees per ha at age 40 for example
  8. Welcome new members

    Hi everyone, Found this forum pretty useful so far whilst looking for opinions on gear and things, spurred on by recently buying a house with 3 log stoves and no central heating. I was a tree surgeon groundy about 6 years ago, rather that do more tree surgery qualifications I took the easy route of 3 years drinking and went to do a Forestry Bsc (highly recommended!). These days I have moved to south scotland and work for a large scale investment forestry management company with forests over most of the UK. I love my job but doing a bit of firewooding has reminded me how much I enjoy tree work. If anyone needs any GIS/mapping work doing in return for beer/hobnobs then let me know, that's all I can offer!


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