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  1. Lion and a couple of bulldogs

    Thanks, wisewood. I like your stuff as well.
  2. Something fishy here

    Nice detail on the fins.
  3. [/img] Black cherry; Stihls 170; 180, 181 (dime tip); 025; 661 for big rip cuts on the lion. CV Flood finish on the bulldogs with enamel dry-brush for colors; lion is Watco Teak oil (he will be displayed indoors). Feedback welcome.
  4. some recent stuff

  5. Chainsaw carved Christmas trees for sale

    Nice! I like how they are individually styled. Mine tend to all have the same look.
  6. Bull!...finished

    Goodpig, those pieces are inspiring. I love the movement and composition. The interpretive yet "real" feeling they have is something I am workig towards.
  7. Bull!...finished

    Thanks, Goodpig. I have lurked a bit and admire your work.
  8. Bit of progress from my last post a year ago

    Great work. The female face is excellent-- I have not yet attempted a pretty woman, but they are notoriously hard. Yours is great! I also like your feathering.
  9. Finished Heron

    Nice work-- carving out those slender lines is impressive.
  10. Best Electric Carving saw?

    I have a Makita 5012B set up with a quarter tip bar that really screams-- high revs for an electric. It has a manual oiler, so you have to keep pumping it. I also have to keep tightening the chain. Still, I really like it for in-garage detail work. My bigger electric is a Worx. It is a cheap saw but not bad for an electric.
  11. Bull!...finished

    Jomoco, I used a couple of Picasso's bulls as my reference pics. Thanks for noting that.
  12. Bull!...finished

    Thanks, Woodcrafter and Jomoco. I was pretty happy with the energy of the piece. I am still learning and appreciate your comments.
  13. Bull!...finished

    Finished my bull.
  14. Bull in progress

    Thanks, Bob. Will do.
  15. Bull in progress

    Still working on this one. I plan to cut the horns down and continue to shape them. I carved them separately and mounted them with rods, glue and a log screw. This is black cherry. I used a dremel for the eyes and some of the finer fur.


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