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  1. Replacement Bearings

    I would use RHP bearing over anything else. I have over the years run machinery in extreme conditions and RHP was always up to the job.
  2. jap knot weed

    Because airfields are often mowed for haymaking or silage. Amenity grass is either left as clippings or taken away to a tip/ composting area. In other words its to stop the likelyhood of animals ingesting it.
  3. jap knot weed

    You could use ICADE if you can get it and the last time I looked it was off label for Jap Knotweed ... But it does do a good job. The only down side is the cost! approx £70 per litre.
  4. jap knot weed

    Glyphosphatewill do it, spray regularly. The most effective dose is just after it has flowered but seeing as its early in the growing season probably better spray asap. 1 useful tip - when you mix it in the knappsack spray put 2 or 3 drops(and i mean just drops) of washing up liquid in the mix it helps it to coat the plant better.
  5. Arb waste wanted

    No , I mean stuff I can turn into firewood! Cheers
  6. Arb waste wanted

    maybe , maybe not! Gloucestershire a big place. where abouts are you exactly and what sort of quantity? Cheers
  7. Arb waste wanted

    Arb waste wanted Herefordshire / Worcestershire. I can collect 2-3 ton at a time. Beer tokens are on offer!
  8. Show us your log piles

    About 2/3 ready for next year.
  9. Hi folks, I am looking for cord wood in Herefordshire. I can handle the haulage and prefer larger sized wood . 10 - 20 tonne thanks in advance


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