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  1. Hi guys I'm looking for a reasonable supply of wood and looking to ask about the area as I've been let down by a couple of people already. I'm based on the south Leicestershire border with Warwickshire, I can collect from job sites (I'll cover an area from around Leamington/Kenilworth, Rugby, Coventry and over to Hinckley, Lutterworth or the surrounding areas) or you can tip off logs (and some chip) at my yard. I can also arrange a tractor/trailer to collect from your yard if you have a stack that needs moving on. If you can help me out, if you can PM me we can sort out payment (other than just cups of tea/cake etc) and see how we get on. Cheers Frod Sent from my iPad using Arbtalk
  2. Career change

    Ian and his team are a top bunch of guys and I would totally recommend them to anyone remotely close to Staffordshire. As to approaching local arb firms, when I started out last year (at the ripe old age of 31) I just emailed a few people/companies with a brief note of who I was and what I wanted to do and went from there. You get a few mixed reactions but if you are honest and write in full sentences with proper English, you'll get a start I'm sure.
  3. charging churches?

    Some churches have a lot of money, some don't. Some wealthy villages/town churches can afford tree work as much as anyone whereas some struggle to patch roofs or keep the grass cut. I do a reasonable amount of work for the poorer churches in my area (and yes I do know they are poor and have seen their accounts) and so help them out where possible for the community aspect. You tend to get reasonable contacts through the other parishioners anyway
  4. Spiking choking climbing line

    Yeah the running bowline attached with a short Prussik is what we were taught in our cs38 the other week as a backup to the flip line. You could use a karabiner instead of the bowline but it isn't as ideal, it is quicker and easier though!
  5. I'm looking for work for a couple of days a week, to build my experience in a professional tree surgery environment. I will happily work as a sub contractor to help out when you need an extra pair of hands for a job, or work on a much more regular basis. I have around 15 years part time experience (it has never been a career, just doing jobs as and when required) but would like to turn this into a more regular form of work. I have my CS30/31 tickets and I'm also booked in for my CS38 training next month, but have done climbing and rigging work in the past too when there has been a need for it. I have a clean driving license and also all my own PPE. I'm not someone who is straight out of arb college wanting to take on the world, but I know what a hard days work entails, what it takes to get a job done and also the value of team spirit and working together to achieve something. I'm 31 and currently living in South Leicestershire so can travel fairly well throughout the central Midlands (Warwickshire/Leicestershire/north Northamptonshire/South Derbyshire etc) If I can be of use to you, send me a pm on here. Cheers Steve


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