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  1. Congratulations Grey Git of Dryad Arbor-Artists

    Brilliant! I'll take a half day off then as you won't need the services of the Cumbrian Not So Compact Loader!
  2. Big chipper hire.

    We always need bigger and better toys John!
  3. 6 to 8 ton of newly felled beech

    Not in Burnley by any chance?
  4. Things that you don't know the answer to thread

    Stihl or Husqvarna?
  5. Hello, I'm trying to fill a few days next week, Monday and Wednesday (2nd and 4th) short notice I appreciate. Hard working groundie with good experience. Have my own saw and PPE, fetch my own flask and bait, and have own transport. Please call 07772655759 Thanks, Mike
  6. Annoying Things Guys Do On Site

    No, I do get annoyed. I tell someone though, honesty is the best policy.
  7. Annoying Things Guys Do On Site

    Seems to me like this thread is a lot of climbers and boss men moaning about everybody else! As a time served groundie, I can say with confidence that nobody is perfect, climbers and boss men included! There has been plenty of times I've wanted to drag a climber out the tree and chip them, or give the boss a hoof up the backside. It works both ways, but not everyone is useless. You just have to find the good ones and stay working with them In my opinion if something is wrong or annoys you, do something about it. If said idiot doesn't learn you then have a real problem. You can't cure stupid, as is said a lot.
  8. the 'todays job' thread

    In fact, it was the job I've got a photo of on here as my profile picture!
  9. the 'todays job' thread

    I've worked with Graham on a job with that mulcher. Beast is an understatement John!
  10. What constitutes a 5 day notice

    No surprise which Council this is John?! Bloody crackpots.
  11. Wood chip wanted - Barnard Castle

    Haha! Cheers John. I gave the old Golf a proper good clean last night, or I might have taken you up on that offer!
  12. As title says, wood chip wanted in Barnard Castle. After a van load of decent chip (no green if possible) for my other halfs parents. Would ideally like to pay nowt, but happy to contribute a small amount towards brew and biscuit fund! Message me on here or call or text 07772655759 Thanks.
  13. Groundie looking for work next week N Yorks/Cumbria

    Bump. Looking to fill up Friday (1st of July) if anyone needs assistance. Thanks.
  14. Hello, I'm looking to fill the first bit of next week, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm an experienced groundie with CS30/31, got my own saw and PPE. There are a few members who use the forum who can vouch for me (hopefully ) if required. I'm hard working, time diligent, fetch my own bait and love a good days graft. Can turn my hand to strimming, mowing, hedge cutting etc. Also experienced dry stone waller as well. Please call me on 07772655759 if you think you might have some work. I'm based near Richmond in North Yorkshire, but can also do work in Northern and Central Cumbria as my folks have a farm in Keswick. I look forward to hearing from someone hopefully. Thanks, Mike
  15. Husqvarna 550 opinions please

    I've had mine for just over two years, and I'm having exactly the same issues others have had. 3 brake bands, 1 clutch spring, both AV's gone (in last month), of which front one broke again the day after the new one was fitted! Pain to start, cuts out randomly etc. It hasn't had an easy life, and I did treat it to a Sugi bar, but I don't think I'll get another one.


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