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  1. If it smells like **** it generally is......
  2. Fell a tree to steal a bike

    She should work for Special Branch!
  3. Dear all, I've finally decided to buy a used mini/micro digger under 1tonne. I've used many manufacturers over the years but can't really decide which one to look for. I would welcome your views this please Also if anyone knows any for sale or good dealers to speak to I would appreciate the advice, Cordialement, Chris
  4. French Election

    It's based on a system refined over many years of actual votes from certain areas cast. Then these are run thru a computer who extrapolates the results for the country. Never more than 1% difference once actual figures are in.
  5. Hello all, Just wanted to pass on a quick modification I made to my trailer which has saved a bit of time each day. My Brian James tipper had a few areas where leaves and soil etc would collect and then needed cleaning out. I used the galvanised section they use for constructing walls for plaster boards. Took ten mins to block all the places up! Pics of what i did attached, probably no use to anyone but I was happy! Bonne journeé Chris
  6. Removing Copper Sulphate stains from Tarmac!

    Thanks everyone. Will look into some acid. Cheers
  7. Removing Copper Sulphate stains from Tarmac!

    Thanks for the ideas. Will look into some acid I think! Not the drugs type I will add!
  8. Removing Copper Sulphate stains from Tarmac!

    I know! Think my first wife used the same phrase about the curtains!
  9. Removing Copper Sulphate stains from Tarmac!

    Apologies and thanks. Yes it's iron sulphate. Brain tired today!
  10. Removing Copper Sulphate stains from Tarmac!

    Thanks stubby! It's unique!
  11. Good afternoon everyone, We had a tonne bag of lawn sand split and go all over some tarmac yesterday. Got the majority up and then pressure washed with hot water but the rust coloured stains still remain. The tarmac was damp when covered so it began to break down immediately! Has anyone got any advice on products or methods to help remove, Picture attached of the lovely pattern it has left! Many thanks in advance, Chris Mills
  12. Log grab bucket inserts

    Ive a set and for occasional usage they are good. Only used for chip and soil and MOT stone. Bit battered but easy to fit etc. Cheers chris
  13. Arbtalk Christmas Raffle 2016

    Great cause and good work Steve on getting it all up and running. I'm in! Good luck everyone! Chris
  14. Things that you don't know the answer to thread

    Is it always Hornbeam?
  15. What do you view Arbtalk on?

    Usually the settee wearing a kimono!


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