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  1. Arb wannabe!

    Hi Stephen, yes it's a full on 6 week fasttrack course including all nptc tkts from chainsaw maintenance and cross cutting to tree climbing using a chainsaw from rope and harness. i think the only tkts not covered are the rigging ones as this would be just too much to take in the 6 weeks. My only experience in the tree world was a 6 month stint tree felling on an estate outside Stirling about 20 yrs ago which although my career has taken a different path i have always wanted to get back to working with trees and am now in a position to make it happen. Any advice most welcome. Thanks in advance.
  2. Arb wannabe!

    Thanks mate, will check them out.
  3. Training

    Thanks man. Regards equipment mate, what would you consider good start up gear?
  4. Training

    Yes did realise my mistook and re posted. :-)
  5. Training

    Lol! Thanks man I'm on it!!
  6. Arb wannabe!

    Hi All, Im thinking about going down from Fife to Proclimber in South Wales to do the 6 week fast track course. I would appreciate any advice given from personal experience or otherwise. Also what are the best routes out there for gaining more theory based knowledge. Many thanks.
  7. Training

    Hi All, I am thinking of going down from fife to pro climber in South Wales to do the 6 week fast track tree surgery course and would appreciate any advice given through personal experience or otherwise. Cheers.


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