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  1. Skeleton key van tool thefts....

    Have a look on youtube for bosnian bill It's not just van locks it's virtually all locks. It's frightening but some how quite interesting how it's done
  2. Which Trailer

    Well nearly everyone seems to be Ifor fans and no one has told me to buy an Indistruction model..... not surprising really. At least I can start looking more closely at the Ifor range now. Thanks for the input guys.
  3. Which Trailer

    I am looking to purchase a trailer. In order of preference I am looking for a four wheeler with proper suspension (not rubber cones or bushes) The bed must be able to take a minimum of 8x4 sheets flat on the floor. I want sides on the trailer that are removable with the provision of possibly using greedy boards. Good tie down points that won't pull out. lockable coupling head, Ladder rack and prop stands.The rear tailgate to possibly be used as a loading ramp. Weight wise, I need something (as an indication of capacity) that can comfortably take the equivalent of half a dozen meter cube bags of logs, or a couple of large motorbikes, or a couple of ton of hardcore. I know nothing about tippers. Do they go wrong very often and where are their strong and weak points? I suppose Iam looking at spending approx 2500 of our best english coinage. What trailer have you got and would you buy another one? The trailer you have, what would you change to make it better? The company you used, what is their after sales service like? What have I missed from my list?
  4. Overcoming Googlers!

    Next time he asks a question get your phone out and google the answer for him, then your sure to be right. Then anytime your texting or surfing on your phone and he catches you just tell him your looking for the answer and walk off.
  5. Wood Fire Chimney Regs

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for the regulations for an external chimney on the end wall of a single story extension for a wood burning stove please. If it makes any difference the location is cheshire and the owner doesn't want to get a load of rubbish from someone that thinks they know it all and rips them off for something they don't legally need.
  6. Padlock recommendation

    Also have a search on Youtube for Bosnian Bills Locklab. Unfortunately this also makes you think WHY !!!!!!! Bother !!!!!
  7. Hitch lock

    Pain in the a**e I know but if you are able to store the machine with both wheels removed. Lower machine to below wheel centre height then hide the jack, wheels and wheel nuts. You can also buy shear nuts and security nut covers so you can fabricate one or two extra hoops for running chain through and using those nuts or covers means you need a grinder to remove the hoops to free the machine from the chain. Depending on the location of the machine to your property you could also rig up a couple of trip wires made from fishing line which are fixed to spring loaded 12 bore cartridge holders. (Minus the pellets) Fishing line releases a spring loaded pin which acts like the firing pin in the gun setting off a loud bang. Also hang a roll of toilet paper close by just in case YOU forget it's there. Take it from me it scares the brown stuff out of you if you forget
  8. The weeks tree/woodland photography

    Hi Daniel I've sent you a PM
  9. Any of you boys fancy a go at this?!

    What about tying up the apprentice with various knots approved in the Arb trade then hand winching them up by the feet to about 60 foot then tying the rope's off with differing knots to the ones used in the capture. Then lighting a fire in the time honoured tradition of Ray Mears and making a brew. First one to finish their brew wins. Must not forgot the ladies they could mud wrestle in the bog:laugh1: Two tickets please:drool:
  10. Balfor or Thor splitter

    Sorry but not seen the Spitfire mine is the AV
  11. Balfor or Thor splitter

    I looked at the Oxdale and also a Riko. Neither trailer based. The Riko looked so much better built and I ordered one there and then. The order was placed two days before Christmas last year, so wasn't expecting it to be delivered till at least the middle of Jan. The day after boxing day a knock on the door and a 12 ton vertical splitter was mine. It has never failed to go through anything I have thrown at it. It is not used in anyway connected with a business, only my home use and I don't need to turn any odd shaped lumps away now that I couldn't get my axe or grenade through before. They were more than happy to demonstrate any unit they had in the yard and were more than happy to answer all my stupid questions. I am more than happy to use them again if the need ever arose. My votes with Riko !!!
  12. The weeks tree/woodland photography

    I walked down the canal to Findern on Sunday morning with me bud. Then on to Mercia marina and got back home just before the heavens opened
  13. The weeks tree/woodland photography

    Pics 3 and 6 look sort of familiar. What neck of the woods are they in?
  14. A few landscape shots from this morning

    Swarky gravels is the lake on the other side of the causeway to where you were taking the photo's (where the sailing club is). When I used to fish them they were still active and there was a conveyor belt that ran over the road that went down to the John Thomson pub and you needed a tin hat on when you went under as it used to spit gravel off it on a regular basis and break car windows as they went underneath. It wasn't uncommon in the winter for there to be 3 foot of water in the lane as the river flooded into the gravel pit, which made an interesting drive home from the pub
  15. A few landscape shots from this morning

    Just had a look in your portfolio you've got some good images in there. Keep up the good work. I have also spent a lot of time on Swarky gravels over the years as well.


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