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  1. Pricing emergency work

    we have a minimium charge for emergency work, so regardless of the job its 4 hours @t+1/2 minimium, every hour after this is charged as time during working hours, and t+1/2 if outside normal working hrs.
  2. Two arrests as ?50k worth of stolen industrial and gardening tools seized at Dublin port Hope this helps someone.
  3. what do you wear when pricing a job?

    not the first time I have had to defend this, thanks to my parents back in the 50's before it became famous this side of the pond
  4. what do you wear when pricing a job?

    I knew a lad when we were starting out who had a sweet distribution business, he had a brand new Merc as his daily car, but had an old Hillman avenger he used when collecting money, his point was no one had any sympathy for him if they saw him driving the Merc.
  5. what to use on leaky fuel line.

    We have used this with success, on oil and coolant pipes https://eshop.wurth.ie/Rapid-repair-tape-HR-SEALTPE-WELD-SIL-BLCK-05MM-254MMX365M/0985077230.sku/en/GB/EUR/
  6. Recovered stuff in Ireland

    Yes, if not claimed then they are usually auctioned off. To be honest a lot of the stuff is domestic but there are a few stihl, and huskeys in there.
  7. Link to the Garda site showing items recovered, lots of saws, strimmers blow guns etc might be worth a look if missing stuff https://www.flickr.com/photos/gardasiochana/page1
  8. Best mower for long wet grass

    [ame= ] [/ame]Great machine these collect the arisings after a few days drying or run over the area again after a few days,
  9. weedkiller

    Look for one of the copy chemicals we use Rosate which is similar to roundup but at €80.00 for 20 ltrs (legally) its hard to pass by and works as good as roundup, Here in Ireland we can still use Pistol on hard areas which had residual effect but a bit more pricy than straight Glyphosate (roundup)
  10. Walkie Takie Headets

    500M BT Interphone Bluetooth Motorcycle Motorbike Helmet Multi Intercom Headsets | eBay We use these cheap and cheerful. good for competition offroad as well
  11. Ride on mower vs compact tractor?

    Parts for small Kubota and John deere are expensive, hard to justify if you are only doing an acre, commercial ride on's like JD X595 have rear pto (option) and Cat 0 lifting arms,
  12. Trailer snaking accident

    Buy a Volvo seems they have sorted the issue electronically [ame= ] [/ame]
  13. what to do about messy competitor?

    I feel anything you say regarding the hedge or arisings will be taken as sour grapes by you as you did not get the work. Be confident in your own ability, if you and your client are happy when you leave a job thats all that matters, best advertising is word of mouth.
  14. We use the technical helmets all year and find them really good too
  15. Uniform

    Here are anti snagging vests https://www.hivis.co.uk/pull-apart-yellow-hi-vis-vest.html


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