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  1. Looking at buying a Hayter Condor (or simillar?)

    The latest single handlebar models are a joy to use and really pick up in all conditions. Bought the wife a MB650.3V for her birthday, nust say she was expecting something gold instead!!!!
  2. Looking at buying a Hayter Condor (or simillar?)

    We had 30 in stock at one point, about 8 at the moment, good simple old mower, spent first 3 years of my working life following one
  3. been offered a 200t with running issues

    I reckon if you put it on Ebay it would manage £150 so the seller isn't far out. A carb kit may well sort
  4. Stihl Fs460 bogging

    Take it out, try it again, when it starts to play up, loosen the fuel cap whilst it is still ticking over. If you hear it pick up, its possibly a blocked tank vent. Also try a factory reset procedure
  5. Cobra CS520-18 Saws

    I doubt its anything to do with Kawasaki, I have never seen a Kawasaki chainsaw nor any engine in the 60ccplus bracket
  6. Stihl 0-135 hedgecutter head

    The old model 0-135 ran out some time ago, the new one 0-145 has a delivery date of 23rd May into UK
  7. Ryobi Lawnmowers??

    See how you get on for bits for it first
  8. Stihl MS 230 again

    Considering most of those caps are about £5.40 inc vat, I would just buy a new genuine part and have done with it
  9. FS55 New Coil Backfiring through Carb

    Assuming it has not got a broken flywheel key then its time to buy a genuine ignition module. Earlier FS 55's had the flywheel key in a different place and I suspect the chinese coil is for that application
  10. gumtree scam

    Avoid Greg and his dodgy Paypal at all costs
  11. FR Jones Chainsaw Sale: Stihl MS 261 vs Husq 550XP

    I think a bit of fair comparison is called for here The local dealer price is , assuming 25% off is for an 18 inch saw The F R Jones price is for a powerhead only, their price for an 18" MS261 is £529.20, so there is £35.80 difference. Every Stihl dealer has the choice how much discount to give and 25% off is a very fair price, just the same as every tree surgeon can decide his price for a job and how much margin he wants/ needs to make Knowing the OP is based in West Wales , he will have to collect a chainsaw from FR Jones, 500 mile round trip and that will easily wipe out the extra discount offered. It may have even been us who quoted the 25% off, thats the best price we would offer. On the subject of warranty , the Stihl warranty is valid throughout the UK at any dealer, but if you buy local you are much more likely to get a better service if problems occur than if you arrive with a saw bought from the other side of the country. The bearing issue with the MS261 looks to have been sorted , it wasnt the bearing but a poorly made batch of sprockets with a slightly off round centre hole
  12. Ms201 wirey bit?

    It is inside retainer of an anti vibe spring
  13. More mower advice

    The Viking should be cheaper and easier for parts. If you want to collect all the time, buy a non mulch one
  14. MS230 piston size

    Yes you have, but there is not a great difference in price between a cylinder kit and just a piston and there is usually some scoring on cylinder wall when piston is like yours. For £30 odd extra , job is done right with new genuine parts. Those are Stihl retail prices from your local Stihl dealer
  15. MS230 piston size

    There are 2 piston sizes listed 40mm and 42.5mm. the European models of the MS230 require a 42.5mm piston, part no 11230302016, retail £56.51 plus vat and a cylinder and piston kit is £88.29 plus vat part no 11230201228. I would fit a genuine cylinder kit and know its right


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