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  1. woodmizer wm3500/4000?

    Speak to Loglogic about the Autotrek, get it made as a static mill, 6.5m cut length as standard, boards up to 1m wide, fully hydraulic, My 64hp turbo diesel engine uses about 16lts of fuel /day, 4" wide blade, costs £85 for swaged, £135 for stellite tipped, sharpening costs me approx. £12 ea time. 1x blade to cut 100ft3 timber not cheap but does the job, great back up from supplier, been around long enough to have ironed out issues, you will struggle to find one 2nd hand, as most owners are happy with the product as opposed to some other manufacturers products which seem to crop up all the time........ And if it goes "T*t* Up" plenty of residual value because of rarity value. Tim There is at least 1 machine running in Scotland doing just what you want to do.... Autotrek (Wide-band saw) Graham Mitchell graham@loglogic.co.uk
  2. Calculating flooring

    As above,when square edge oak is concerned I allow about 65% recovery, but that is dependant upon size/quality of log.My guestimations would say about 210 min hft3. Gladly supply as specified.
  3. Review of Arbortec Scarfell Lite Boots

    had mine 6 weeks or so,bought online ordering a 1/2 size up, found toe a tad narrow, and heel now starting to rub, wish I had stayed with meindle woodwalker to be honest. not too sure I will worry too much about trying to preserve them.
  4. where do you get your trousers???

    try here :UKs Leading Carhartt Workwear Specialists they are in the village where I live.
  5. Yet another reccomend me a wood burner thread!

    had a jotul 25years, only thing we have replaced is the rope on the door and the internal top cast baffle which we managed to buckle burning dry oak..... only 3kw , cost £450 all those years ago, hate to think what they are now, but quality bit of kit.
  6. Mills in Ipswich

    I have an Autotrek, but that's about 39" max width of cut, rather depends whether you just want all waney edge as opposed to 1 SE? Shrublands sawmill has a tom sawyer (I think ) just north of Ipswich RH Wilden has a biggish stenner but they are out Garboldisham way. Peter Clarke @ Timba Haul has a big Forrestor ( up to 60") but he's north of Norwich and not sure its still a runner. Tim
  7. Mobile Sawmill- a good business to start?

    I think you will find John, that "full time" is a "subjective view", in twenty years of doing mobile milling, my customer base has probably shrunk, but yet I have never been as busy,I certainly was not full time when I initially bought the mill. There are more "non commercial" mobile mills working now, which I think probably helps accounts for my reduced one off days out, (aligned to CBA moments that comes with age and experience) But I have a regular client base that has taken years to form. Would I start out on this again, knowing what I do now, probably, but then I love what I do, Would I buy a small mill to do it commercially, not a snowballs chance in hell..... Buy big and buy strong, and that will cost you, because even if you don't bend it, one of your clients almost certainly will by accident when helpfully loading you. Good luck if you do it, you will meet some great like minded folk, and also some complete tw*ts!
  8. Found myself a mobile stenner :)

    did you get it from needham market area?
  9. Portable Sawmillers in Yorkshire

    Graham @ Loglogic, they sell the Petersons and am pretty sure he would point you in the right direction of any owners in your area. He's a top bloke. Tel:01884 839999
  10. Biomass Suppliers List - Scheme Changes

    nice to see they are taking the consultation/blue sky thinking meeting to the suppliers themselves by holding it in central London......hhhmmm let me see if I can be arsed to travel down to that....well that will be a no then.
  11. Biomass Suppliers List - Scheme Changes

    as a supplier (own use) of slabwood, of approx 20m3 pa I am kind of hoping I don't have to pay the same as the commercial pellet suppliers......... but I think I could swallow the £60.00 pa mentioned.
  12. chainsaw to run 20 - 25in bar

    DOLMAR 7910....can run up to 28" but runs and cuts like a stabbed rat with 20" just my impression...contact shavey on here.
  13. Arbtalk glitches, please report here

    Yep,Microsoft saying the same for me too.....

    <p>Hello Tim</p>

    <p>Here are the prices for the items you wanted a price for </p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>MS-341.U £398.49+ vat</p>

    <p>MH-246.4D £432.34+ vat</p>

    <p> </p>





    <p>Hello Tim</p>

    <p>I've just emailed for a price and hopefully I will give you a price by lunchtime tomorrow </p>

    <p>Many thanks</p>




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