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  1. Spark plug cable

    I'd use the thinner chainsaw HT cable which is usually 5mm.
  2. jap knot weed

    My parents have about half a mile of riverbank covered in it . Over the last 35 years I've slowly eradicated it from most of their land by doing a small amount of treatment annually. In the summer I stem inject the shoots using diluted high strength glyphosate. I'm not sure of the mix proportion as my dad does that. I use a fairly cheap stem injection kit bought from ebay for about £70 that injects a measured dose. The injector needle does have a habit of getting blocked so I use a bradawl to make the first puncture. In January/February, when the roots are weakened, I carefully dig up the surface rhizomes and burn with the old shoots and leaves. In April I dig up any new growth. Repeat as necessary in the summer.
  3. cheap chainsaw

    If it's for use in your garden, have you thought about an electric saw? In January I bought a Titan electric saw from Screwfix. I bought it for the offer price of £34.99 but it's now back on at £49.99. I've been really impressed with it. Comes with a 2 year guarantee. Titan TTB355CHN 40.5cm 2000W Electric Chainsaw 230V | Chainsaws | Screwfix.com
  4. Any Briggs and Stratton 35 classic experts around

    If it's not the timing (as in the above post), you could try changing the carburettor gasket & diaphragm. It's quite an easy job. I think they're B & S part number 495770 or 795083, but check.
  5. Barb Wire and Public

    Section 164(1) Highways Act 1980 - "Where on land adjoining a highway there is a fence made with barbed wire, or having barbed wire in or on it, and the wire is a nuisance to the highway, a competent authority may by notice served on the occupier of the land require him to abate the nuisance within such time, not being less than one month nor more than 6 months from the date of service of the notice, as may be specified in it."
  6. What's on your bench today?

    I think that the standard collar screw is part no. 1123 664 2400. It might be worth trying the oversize D9/M8 collar screw for the MS231etc. That's part no. 1123 664 2405. Collar Screw/Stud D9/M8 for Stihl MS231, MS231C - 1123 664 2405 | Other Stihl Spares
  7. Collar screw on ms201t

    I don't know whether Stihl make an oversize D9/M8 collar screw for that model but I did find this for the MS231 & MS251: Collar Screw/Stud D9/M8 for Stihl MS231, MS231C - 1123 664 2405 | Other Stihl Spares
  8. Stihl 045 - Fell in river

    Thanks very much for the advice, Spud. I did all that and eventually it spluttered into life. It was really smokey at first but I gave it a good work out on some logs to get it nice and hot. It seems fine now. Thanks again.
  9. Stihl 045 - Fell in river

    Thanks guys. I'll go and do it now.
  10. Stihl 045 - Fell in river

    This is my "river saw" which I use for cutting fallen trees or floating logs caught up in my parents' river. Unfortunately it got pinched up in a large log and I couldn't free it. I couldn't remove the saw from the bar because the sprocket is inboard of the clutch. So I tied it to the tree whilst I worked on the other end of the tree with another saw. When the trunk dropped from the bank to the river bed, the saw took a dip in the water. Luckily it wasn't running at the time and it wasn't completely submerged. I've changed the fuel, air filter and plug, and tried to dry everything out. Normally it's got very good compression, but after I cleaned it all up it felt slightly easier to pull over than normal. It wouldn't start though and I thought that I may have flooded it (with either petrol or water). So I changed the plug again and put some engine oil down the spark plug hole. I think that I put too much down because it's really difficult to turn over. I've done what I can to drain and soak up the excess oil, and pulled it over many times with the plug out but it's still really difficult to turn over with the plug back in. I'm thinking hydraulic lock. Any ideas?
  11. Reg Part 2

    Reg Prescott knows his stuff as well: [ame] [/ame]
  12. Best online shop for parts

    Another recommendation here for L & S Engineers. I put a largish order in for various parts for 4 Stihl chainsaws, including an old 045 and an old 056. Half the stuff was on 2 or 3 days back order. I put the order in on Sunday night. Everything was sent out on Tuesday and with me at 7.30 on Wednesday morning. My previous order was with me the next day.
  13. parts help

    Try L & S Engineers. Stihl Chainsaw Spares | Chainsaw Spares | Garden & Forestry Spares | L&S Engineers
  14. which fuel filter?

    0000 350 3500
  15. Stihl 390 any good?

    Yes, which means that it's a difficult job if you need to work on the cylinder or piston. If you do a search of this site you'll find mixed opinions about the MS390. I have an MS390 and like it. It's not a pro-saw but then I'm an amateur. It's a large home-owners or farmers saw. Hence the name "FarmBoss." According to the owners manual it'll go up to a 30" bar, although I think that's stretching it. I've used a 25" bar but normally use 16"or 18".


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