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  1. Don't forget your Anvils

    There is a small anvil inside on the orange housing. These anvils can be turned for second use too.
  2. Chipper arm broke help please

    knock the roll pin out and replace the bar with new bar job done
  3. Trouble descending on the spiderjack 3

    I climb on a 13mm rope. It was very tight at first, 2nd week it works well. Thinner rope would be better. Its better than my zigzag with its links cracking. Much safer. It comes with 2 cams for other rope sizes.
  4. Telegraph poles

    Bairds of Slamannan He's the main man that buys almost all the good poles. Loch house Farm,Lochside Rdon the B825
  5. Arbtalk glitches, please report here

    Hi Steve I am get same report and not being allowed onto the site
  6. Green teeth diamond sharpening disk

    Talk to Dean @ Bandit. The diamond wheel we use is made by 3M we have been using it for a good long time. I sharpen other guys grinder too. We burnt out a grinder at first. Buy the biggest grinder you can 3/4hp or above. 3/4 pillar drill too. You don't need water are the Tips will never get red hot don't dip them in water it makes them brittle, let them cool in the air. The diamond are best for green teeth. we have tried other wheels to sharpen. The 3m Diamond is not cheap, but it works and gives you a very sharp edge.

    <p>Good afternoon Tom did you manage to find a woodmizer sawmill to mill your timber.</p>


    <p>AA Timbers </p>

    <p>Mobile sawmilling</p>


  8. Bandit gallery

    The last job we did last week was up a ramp through a 28" wide gate up our trailer ramps and then able to work. It took more time getting into the job than doing it. This 72" oak took around 40 mins to do. I find the grinder eats stumps when we sharpen the teeth. Slower when using new green 700 teeth just out of the box, they seem to blunt, we bought a full box all the same. Using the grinder with the wheels off is ok on the flat. Wouldn't try it on a slop........... Best machine we have used hired all sorts.
  9. Bandit gallery

    Thanks for all your help Dean with supplying our new HB20n stump grinder. Its been working most days for the last 2 weeks. Thanks again
  10. Hetas course

    I know its a big risk. We have a discamer on our invoice, when signed by buyer to cover us. My friend who has been fined won't sell logs in a smoke free zone now. Thereis no risk to the user saying he or she didin't know and then pass the buck onto the seller. All wrong they become a witness at court too. Total pants...................
  11. Hetas course

    All new smoke free burners are listed on govement site. All you do is quick look, very nice app too. Defra exempt stoves. Installer gives the owner its pass book too. ( MOT ) each year. Its Best wize up on this, its another way for cash straped councils to make money. Sticking your head in the sand and saying didn't know or wasn't me gov wont wash. Read the law about supplying fuels. Its all on the web, and you the log supplier.
  12. Hetas course

    In 2011 a firewood suppier was find in Edinburgh sheriff court £2000 For selling logs to be burnt on an open fire in the city of Edinburgh. The first smoke free zone in the Uk. We make sure, only sell logs to people with log burners that pass the smoke free test. The council has wardens looking out for smoke from chimeny pots.
  13. New Bandit HB20 sidewinder

    Sell the lemon and buy a Bandit HB20
  14. Anyone know what these are?

    Hi the first one is an all in one band strapping and metal belt crimping tool. The others the same but you use them in pairs. They are used for banding together timber packs etc. Good find.
  15. looking for a log splitter - west lothian

    Hi Akro have 2 in for hire today. Just off the phone with the owner Richard.


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