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  1. Crane fed chipper req, Gerrard's cross

    As per the title crane fed chipper required for a couple of days to clear up brash. Anyone available nearby?
  2. Stakes and binders req

    As per the title, needing some stakes and binders near st neots if anyone knows where to get some nearby? cheers
  3. Who else is in hertfordshire

    I'm just a bit further north near biggleswade. Less domestic stuff and more forestry but if smaller kit if you need things extracting. mike
  4. Crane fed chipper required, Beaconsfield

    Does anyone know of a crane fed chipper for hire near beaconsfield? Doesn't need to be giant capacity and likely about a days work. Cheers, Mike
  5. Tractor & forwarding trailer needed, cambs

    thanks, i will give hime a bell.
  6. Tractor & forwarding trailer needed, cambs

    Need a tractor/forwarding trailer for a day to shift a few loads of rideside timber back to the yard. Does anyone know of someone west of Cambridge who could help? Cheers, Mike.

    <p>Hi Jon,</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>I mainly do woodland contracting, but a customer who i delivered some logs to wants a eucalyptus branch removing. Should be a pretty simple job if you want to sub a climber out for about 1-2 hours. </p>





    <p>Hi, I've just seen your post about needing a climber. I run a small tree surgery company in Maidenhead and might be able to help out. Are you a tree surgery company or do you just need something climbing for your other operations?</p>

    <p> </p>




  9. Climber needed

    Looking for a climber in the maidenhead area for a morning at most. Pm me for details. Cheers.
  10. Alpine tractor winch

    Cheers for the feedback, ended up speaking to the guy's at riko with the result a uniforest is on the way.
  11. Alpine tractor winch

    It's a BCS valiant 500, judging by all the bidding on evilbay there is lots of people after smaller winches.
  12. Alpine tractor winch

    Does anyone know if a farmi 351 winch will fit straight onto an alpine or does it need an adapter plate made due to pto length? I know the uniforest fits straight on due to the offset just wondering if anyone has experience of using the farmi on an alpine. thanks in advance.
  13. Pto chipper for alpine tractor?

    Cheers for that, spoke to Andrew already. His sounds ideal just looking to see if there's anything nearer my original price limit.
  14. Pto chipper for alpine tractor?

    Looking for a used TP130 or TW150 for a 46hp BCS? The usual; immaculate, done hardly any work and cheap as chips would be nice....... if anyone knows of anything, a heads up would be appreciated.
  15. A challenge for the collective strength of Arbtalk

    All signed up.


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