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  1. General Tree pics

    Cotinus coggyrgia I think "smoke bush"
  2. Lantra basic tree inspection course wanted

    Not sure of your location but I know one is being run in Warwickshire details and contact below 🙂 Middle England Training is holding a Basic Tree Inspection Course on Monday, 19th June in Warwickshire If you are interested in booking a place on this course, please contact me on 07715 311657 / julie@middleenglandtraining.co.uk or jill@middleenglandtraining.co.uk / 07754 039214. Many thanks, Julie and Jill
  3. My new dog.

    Staffies get bad press but you won't get a more loyal dog. My daughter has one with a head the size of a 3 gallon bucket but its a lovely dog. You're not wrong mine could barely hurt himself let alone anyone else! Cheers Mick
  4. My new dog.

    Nice new dog Nikk, I've been in a virtually identical situation to Mick in that I lost "Bruiser" my best friend in January and it's taken a bit longer for me to get my head around having another. But last week we re-homed a 10 month old staffy called "Lexi" The old and new
  5. cutting pampas grass with a chainsaw

    Easiest way I've found is a strimmer with a blade and dome it over. Put a saw through one once and all it seemed to do was blunt saw due to soil that had been drawn up into the plant.
  6. the 'todays job' thread

    Willow take down from this week, we were told about the stream but no mention of the 7 phone lines! Mate did the climbing and I was on the rigging.
  7. Security hedges

    Berberis julianae is pretty unpleasant
  8. Apf - who's going

    There Friday and will probably end up staying into Saturday
  9. ArbDogs? Pics!

    mine the worlds laziest staffie!
  10. Reptile pictures

    Couple from recent hols in menorca
  11. Which hedging material?

    Photinia 😀
  12. Tree ID

    Camellia I think
  13. Loler query

    All ours is returned inc any failed equipment tagged and highlighted on the control sheet.
  14. the 'todays job' thread

    Helped a mate deal with this rather large beech this morning, it failed on Wednesday after the heavy rain we had! Nothing to remove from site as the customer wanted it all for firewood 👍 (bout 10 yrs worth!)
  15. the 'todays job' thread

    It's a fair size alright, went past a couple of times today whilst doing some quotes be good to see some pics. Looked like a nice job to do (if you're the climber!😀)


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