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    saw this one on murdered for being different. [ame] [/ame]
  2. need a rough quote please.

    ok so the advice is basically level the front and the back hedges yes?
  3. need a rough quote please.

    yes, its a 5 minute walk from reading station.
  4. need a rough quote please.

    if anyone can give me some ballpark figures then i'd be grateful as mum needs to know what she would be spending on this before she puts in an offer on the house. feel free to round up to the nearest hundred or thousand... if you need any more info on the work then please ask.
  5. need a rough quote please.

    all my timber is going into a lock up and with any luck i'm moving into a workshop in reading. no timber is to follow mum to this new property.
  6. need a rough quote please.

    i'll wait for a few quotes before i accept that dan...
  7. need a rough quote please.

    this area also needs tidying up and the ivy removing from the wall... .
  8. need a rough quote please.

    there is an out of control hedge out the front too. all of it is in our border and it would be nice to remove the evergreens and make it a hardwood hedge. i'm not sure which evergreen species these trees are. the rest is box elder, holly and hazel i think. the ivy round the porch post needs removing too. .
  9. need a rough quote please.

    one of the purple beech stems is quite thick and may need to be removed if it is to be turned back into a hedge? the rest are only 4-5" stems from what i could see. there is also some box elder and other shrubs under the copper beech. can this mess become a hedge again? .
  10. need a rough quote please.

    first of all the evergreen needs removing and then the purple beeches need heavily cutting back (if they'll survive it?). my mum and auntie are only just over 5' so you can judge that the trees are between 15'-20' tall at their peak. .
  11. need a rough quote please.

    pics and work to do are coming
  12. need a rough quote please.

    hi guys, my mum has decided to move house and she's found one in maidenhead but it needs a bit of work on the greenery. could some of you give me a rough ballpark figure as to how much it would cost?
  13. can apples be purple?

    just curious to know if the tree i saw that bore green to purple mini apples is actually an apple or some sort of bullace or medlar??? i got driven past it yesterday and although i know the park well i'd not been there when the tree has had fruit on it. it's in a local park that has some unusual specimens in it like a dawn redwood and bastard service tree. this link should show the tree i'm on about. https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@51.5240913,-0.7036623,3a,41.3y,57.98h,91.95t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1soYVWOYdSrQmEGkKqBAmNEw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 the one with the purple red fruit behind the ray mead road sign.
  14. Angled tool rest

    the banjo should be able to slide in enough to enable you to do most things mick. if you slide it in as far as it will go how far is edge of the tool rest from the center?
  15. Redwood timber for sale

    if that's a load of wellingtonia then give delabodge a call. he loves that stuff.


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