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  1. Arbtalk raffle live results

    Thank you very much for the prize. I will be putting it to good use very soon
  2. Arbtalk raffle live results

    Thank you Steve for running the prize draw again. I know it takes a lot of time and hard work9m
  3. How to tell if you need a towing licence

    And when you reach the ripe age of 70 you have to have a medical and eye test every 3 years to keep your towing rights
  4. Christmas raffle 2016

    Hi Steve, Any news on the 2016 / 2017 raffle yet
  5. That's all folks!

    Good luck for the future
  6. 5' tree protectors

    I have also got rabbits so tubex protectors would be best for me
  7. 5' tree protectors

    I will look to see if anyone has any 4 foot tubex tree protectors for sale cheap. I am on pension so don't have too much money to splash around, hence why I want used ones as they will be cheaper I Hope:001_smile:
  8. 5' tree protectors

    I have loads of roe deer etc in the wood and was advised to use 5' protectors. Do you think 4' would be ok
  9. 5' tree protectors

    I am looking for 50 - 100 used 5' tree protectors. Can collect. I live on the Bucks/ Herts/ Beds boarders. I have a small woodland and want to protect a few news trees that I have planted
  10. Spuds Porting and Tuning Thread

    Price list for me to please Steve
  11. Whats the weather like near you?

    Been a lovely sunny day but going very cold tonight
  12. Whats the weather like near you?

    Cold and frosty here but no snow
  13. Whats the weather like near you?

    Lovely here today, sun shining
  14. How was your day?

    Had a great day, it is my birthday and I have been spoils rotten
  15. Hows the log sales going now

    Just cut some for my two Sons and myself. Have never sold any but might next season


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