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    I got my ranger tipper from them, seemed alright and they drove it up to the Wirral for me
  2. ART Ropeguide, is it worth it?

    I had the trufflebugger one and after it failed it's LOLER i switched to the Ropeguide. It's much better, gets stuck allot less due to the being chocked on ring instead of an eye in the rope. Is much easier to adjust, even under load. The retrieval clip is cleverly positioned so the cam opens as its being retrieved allowing slack into the system and making the un choking process much easier
  3. New five pound notes

    Isn't the bottom one the old five pounds?
  4. Emigrating

    Nice post, my Mrs and I have a little boy of 16months and another on the way. We're both 24. Were desperate to get on a plane out of here but are waiting till we've bought a house that we can rent out while we're away so we have something to fall back on with the kids. Getting a mortgage when your self employed isn't as simple as I first thought it might be. I'm a freelance climber for 90% of the time starting to get a steady trickle of my own stuff coming in. It's hard not to commit to setting myself up properly and buying chipper. I just know that if a do I'll never be able to leave, the better money, my passion for tree work and sense of pride in a job well done can be an addictive combination. Just know that if we don't leave in the next 2-3 years we never will, she'd go mental and climbing those big trees in oz, nz and Canada has been a dream of mine since the beginning. You just keep posting those vids reg, keep the dream alive in my head for me, at least for now;)
  5. Ear defenders correctly fitted?

    Their always like that just leave it
  6. Elm gate post

    Alright guys, just wondering on elms properties in relation to a gate post, will it rot quick on the end stuck in the ground? How about if I treat it and stick it in a bag? Cheers, ed
  7. TreeStuff Aerial Friction Brake

    However say you where doing a reduction over a fancy patio and had a novice Groundie, inexperienced in wraps, you could run your lowering line through a main central pully and then use this as a redirect that you move about with you and set the wraps each time dependent on the size of Limb being removed without having to worry about him/her getting dragged into the tree or stopping them dead
  8. TreeStuff Aerial Friction Brake

    Then you should have cut n chuked it you big girl i can see the point but if I really needed in tree friction I'd rather save my money and just natural crotch it
  9. Interesting stuff, I spend a fair bit of time down in southern Italy as my Mrs 's mum and dad have a place down their right in the olive groves. These guys seem to really hammer the trees down their, they remove pretty much all the crown, they rake all the leaves/dust up and then go along with a roller and compact all the soil underneath so it's rock hard and weeds don't grow and continue this process almost yearly, doing the crowns on say a 5 year rotation. I've always thought that surely all of these trees must be in a pretty weakened condition and vulnerable to an issue like this
  10. Alright guys, Im looking for a climber for a mate of mine. I've been climbing for him for about 2 years, 1 to 3 days a week but a massive influx of work has meant i can't keep climbing for him. He's sound bloke, very easy to get along with and the days are never that difficult. He over estimates jobs if anything and the work pace is generally very relaxed. He's looking for half decent climber, doesn't have to be super experienced with big rigging but someone who can get up do the job and not make a pigs ear of it. Might suit someone who's good but not been out of collage that long. Rates of pay are negotiable depending on abilities and as always a tow licence would be nice but not necessary Work is usually on the Wirral with the odd trip over to Liverpool every now and then. Pm me for more intimation or call or txt Justin on 07817 596665
  11. I'm a subby climber with a grcs, i wouldn't say I get jobs because of it. It does make my day allot easier though and if I'm working for a company where I don't trust the lads on the ground or their unfamiliar with this kind of kit then I bring my own groundie. My day rates gone up since I got it and it's definitely paid for itself and all the other rigging tackle I've got. I bought it just over a year ago. All the rigging kit in the world wont help you make money without the skills to go along with it mind;)
  12. Gransfors splitting maul

    Fiskars in b&q, 45 quid and much better
  13. Help With Signwriting Please!

    Logo 1 gets my vote
  14. Rb44 transfer box

    Isn't the transfer box a common issue on these?
  15. Cool article

    Thought this was interesting Trees, regardless of size, all break at the same wind speed. Here?s why. | Science | AAAS


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