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  1. Planting Drones.

    They seem to be getting on fine without it in India. [ame] [/ame]The main targets for reforestation often aren't short of manpower. In any case, a project is more likely to succeed if the locals are actively involved, than if it's some Western expert parachuted in with his toys.
  2. Planting Drones.

    I call BS on this one. Firing a pellet of seed into the ground is not the same as planting a tree. It's a fancy technofix which fails to address many of the issues which cause deforestation, and anyway the firing mechanism would need to be pretty powerful to penetrate the iron-hard soil of subtropical Africa. Testing it on mining heaps in Australia is not quite the same. There is also the possibility of the scheme being dominated by commercially-important species at the expense of native trees of local provenance.
  3. Youngster's ignorance of recent history.

    I think it is a bit misleading to compare knowledge of popular music with knowledge of who's who in the Royal Family. Musical fashions come and go, and individuals have their own tastes anyway. The Royals are an integral part of the way this country is governed and affect us all, even if we think things should be different. People of all generations should take an interest in factors which shape daily life whether we want them to or not. Celebrity culture is optional.
  4. Kon - Tiki Kiln

    If it's 'complete combustion', then you don't get charcoal, you get ash. Maybe they meant complete conversion. Thanks to openspaceman for giving me yet another reason to get hold of a copy of 'Sylva'.
  5. The oak fell on the roof of the house.

    Didn't have much root, did it? No wonder it fell over.
  6. Shrubby thingamajig I'd please...

    Cotinus coggygria, suffering from Verticillium wilt. I thought the last photo was of witchhazel, but that flowers in winter. No, it's your poor plant's stunted attempt to produce the clouds of blossom which give it the common name of Smoke Bush.
  7. Kon - Tiki Kiln

    I had a look. It's basically a conical vessel filled with wood, lit, then doused with water when the wood has carbonised. The cone is open-topped, but it seems the lack of updraught inhibits complete combustion. It seems a bit hit-and-miss to me, and appears to be promoted more as a biochar producer than for good barbeque charcoal.
  8. What to buy in the US

    Bear in mind that obviously new stuff might be pounced on by customs, and duty charged. It isn't just booze and fags they look for.
  9. Cedrus libani question

    I think cedar cones ripen on the tree, before disintegrating in situ and scattering the seed that way. A cone gathered in June is probably not ripe yet. I tried several times to germinate cedar seeds, waste of compost to cut a long story short. To grow a Lebanon cedar bonsai in it's characteristic multi-stemmed shape, find a pot-grown one with plenty of lower branches and cut off the leading shoot. Then prune, wire and re-pot for twenty or thirty years.
  10. log I'd on ebay.

    The link took me to a listing for a book about log-cabin building.
  11. Where are all the hand cutters?

    I can't quite make out what the third picture is showing. What is the round thing to the left, and the horizontal thing across the top?
  12. They've got the 'do my trees' mindset because that's just what you do, as far as they're concerned. The notion that the trees don't need 'doing' is incomprehensible to them. Try explaining that any pruning will inevitably lead to reactionary growth, locking them into a vicious circle of further pruning, and you might as well be talking Martian. There is probably nothing you can say or do which will satisfy them, the fact that they can't articulate what exactly they want is probably a good excuse to decline the job.
  13. Tree growth fail

    I reckon the person who planted it bent the stem back on itself when putting on the Tuley tube. The leading shoot attempted to resume upward growth and broke out of the side of the tube.
  14. Photo Competition - Win £100

    What are you still looking for?
  15. Rear axle in woodland

    In the first picture, the right-hand tyre looks like it could be a remould and therefore possibly second-hand when fitted.


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