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  1. Groundy Required Lancashire

    Self-employed groundy required Lancashire. Peter 07825 528 710.
  2. IBC Accelerated drying.

    Hey Woodworks i did get some and been very good! Been very dry and not tool any moisture readings but logs are splitting at ends so seems ok
  3. Making the news today....

    I for one am sick and tired of the whole integration b.s.. too many areas of the country are now ghettos..and too many from Muslim countries simply do not wish to integrate.
  4. Grapple

    Lynx Engineering also as im looking into a grip fork for my Solis
  5. Subcontractor skill level

    The hardest part of this industry is staff. Whether they are subbys or not..recently i have had 3 separate guys who all have 'the tickets' but each with really no idea.. one who is really a danger to himself and is totally unreliable, then another who having gotten their tickets last year believes they are worth top whack.. not even any rigging exp AT ALL yet expects the ££££?! And the worst part is their work ethic in general...the latest guy is not sadly shaping up much better...
  6. Cut and climb jacket opinions

    No experience with the CnC but got a Lyngsoe Fox softshell from the APF and its a cracker..has a 8000mm proof rating and is a good fit for climbing in..
  7. Money in Christmas trees?

    Im waiting for the"oh no money in Christmas trees dont bother"...
  8. Your most nightmare of a job

    Hand digging out void properties for underpinning work then hand barrowing in fresh 30 mil mot..great way to f@@k your body..120 ton carried into average voids..
  9. 4.2 TDI Landy

    Cummins 5.9 with a ZF box is what you need..
  10. boots...

    Lightest boots iv owned, aluminum toecap i believe, excellent grip whilst climbing
  11. boots...

    Another vote for the Andrews, bought one of the first pairs i believe, like having slippers on and great to climb in
  12. Are wood burners getting smaller!!!

    Just checked max length mine will take..668 mm:lol:
  13. Gloves for climbing.

    Tornadi Contour Avengers. Tried n tested.
  14. Yet another reccomend me a wood burner thread!

    WoodWarm just fitted here, 20 kw..does rads AND hot water in a 7 bed cottage, eats wood but you wont be able to sit in front of it:lol:
  15. John Deere or Kubota?

    A different size and price range but am looking at a Solis 26, read some very good reviews on them


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