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  1. Stihl MS261 stalling when chain brake applied

    I've been asked to sort a couple of these, new crankshaft unfortunately. Once you price it using original parts, there's not much difference between the parts and a new saw
  2. Close Call: Rigging Point Failure

    Same thoughts here
  3. Brighton. Oddball magnet?

    And your right Maria, nothing wrong with catching the other bus
  4. Brighton. Oddball magnet?

    That made me laugh, I've never heard that before 😂
  5. My splicing attempts

    Looking good tommy
  6. Best chain for husky t540xp

    And here
  7. Wood chipper hire Pembrokeshire

    Try these, their near Carmarthen - https://www.daviesimplementsltd.co.uk/
  8. Rope access!

    Keep it simple to begin with
  9. Rope access!

    I'd wait until you attend the course Nick. There's different ways of ascending a tree with a rope and harness. The simplest way is body thrusting, have a look on YouTube.
  10. Chainsaw repairs - Braintree Essex

    I'd order the part and do that myself
  11. Chainsaw repairs - Braintree Essex

    Stanton hope or is that too far ?
  12. Forst TR6 dead again!

  13. Forst TR6 dead again!

    Regardless of warranty, I'd be expecting Forst to do something about that sort of failure
  14. Training

    Pm sent
  15. Training

    Hi Nick, If you know how to tie a bowline, a blakes hitch and dress and set a prussik loop your be ahead of the game.


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