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  1. Making the news today....

    The self employed electrician I use is in the process of giving up to become a train driver as he thinks the pay, holiday ,pension and four day week is a far better prospect than what he is on now and he has been an electrician for 18 yrs. apparently there are a lot of people applying and it has taken over a year just to get to sit some exams.
  2. Community Infrastructure Levy (in relation to s106)

    £40 a meter I wish £50 in the town centre and £200 a meter in rural outskirts
  3. Universal log debarking tool for chainsaws

    Ok cheers
  4. Universal log debarking tool for chainsaws

    Looks good do you sell spare planer blades and how much are they ? Cheers Chris
  5. HOWTO: find nails in wood

    Or a new set of blades in your planer thicknesser...
  6. Makita lathe

    Darwin Award coming up!!! Ha ha good one...
  7. Ok cool got his number and will give him a call cheers
  8. Hi, We are in the process of buying 7 acres of chestnut coppice with oak standards in East sussex should we be worried about this blight, it seems a lot of trees are being affected by something these days.
  9. New ranger problems.

    Hi I have a 2016 luckily the 3.2 so hopefully will be ok but I find the headlights are terrible my 10 yr old transit has better lights gonna get the bulbs changed see if that helps Cheers Chris
  10. Bent jockey wheel on brian James trailer

    Cool as I thought then jack it up. It has bent above the wheel on the bottom shaft so still unwinds but stops winding up when it hits the kink so should be simple to change. Cheers guys for quick response. Chris
  11. Hi guys as the title suggests I have bent the jockey wheel on my trailer and I'm not sure how to get it off as it appears to go through a bracket which is welded on, the only way I can think is to jack up the trailer and keep winding to see if it seperates. Just wondered if anybody on here had an idea before I try. Cheers Chris
  12. This needs some 'Aspen Bob', blue paint.

    What kind of licence do you need to drive something like that ? Cheers Chris
  13. Roof tiling

    Hi I'm a plumber by trade but have done several roofs now on our properties and they are not hard if you have common sense and look stuff up if you don't know it. If it is an up and over roof with firewalls either side and concrete tiles then very easy but if it's clay tiles with hips and valleys then a lot more complicated and uses a staggering amount of batten I have not used slates so no idea about them, fitting a velux is easy and if the roof is already tiled then you just have the cuts to the flashings which is no hassle but if you don't feel confident just get somebody else in. Cheers Chris
  14. Thinning a Holly tree

    Crikey did you even need a rope, looks like you would have try hard to fall out of that. Cheers Chris
  15. Current oak prices

    Hi pm sent


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