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  1. Tip site Watford

    Hi, your best bet is Houndswood farm Harper lane Radlett. First turning on right after care home. £40 a load. Reviva V.expensive.
  2. Jensen blade sharpening

    Apologies GA Groundcare ltd not trying to do you out of business just thought they were only up the road and a useful local contact!
  3. Jensen blade sharpening

    Hi try NLS Tools in Waltham Cross, they offer a pick up and drop off service. Have used them for years, they charge by the inch, Timberwolf 150 blades are about £4 a set.
  4. <p>sorry didn't see your message, Gout isn't that too much red wine? I bet it is the worst case and he keeps saying oooh aaaah!!</p>


    <p>Hi Coleman,</p>

    <p> I recognised the arm how are you doing? </p>

    <p>Hope you are keeping Kevin on his toes, maybe we will meet again soon</p>



  6. Haha yea its not so bad being away from Kev!! Work is great down under.. There is no way I would be as good as I am now or doing stuff as big as I am if I were still in the UK. I even got to do a crane removal. Good to hear you have plenty of work. Better too much than too little! Climbed some 70m+ trees recently! Thats been fun. Take care mate. See you in the Uk when Im back for a holiday or something.

  7. Hi Ben,


    Nice to hear from you, are you still down under? If so how is work?

    Took me a while to work out how to reply to your message im an Arbtalk viewer not really a poster. I've been really busy work wise working 8 days a week for about 7 months ive never been so busy its starting to take its toll on my ageing body hope to hear from you again.

    I forgot to say it must be nice to have been away from Kevin for such a long time he doesn't like Aus.

  8. Alright Jude. Im guessin thats you.. Hows work mate?


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