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  1. 560xp - no spark

    Saw is nearly 4 years old so no warranty. £61 for parts and £20 labour so although the saw hasn't done that much work not too unhappy with the cost for the repair.
  2. 560xp - no spark

    Put the saw into the dealer and they fitted a new ignition pack , so all sorted now.
  3. 560xp - no spark

    Thanks for the reply's, will have look at the switch and wires first. Cheers
  4. 560xp - no spark

    My 560 has no spark but the plug sparks if put in another saw . Ive also tried a new plug aswell but no joy. Does the on off switch cause any problems ? The saw is coming up for 4 years old but done very little work and was running fine when i put it away 2 weeks ago. Thanks for reading.
  5. Recommend a log supplier in Manchester

    Hi , yes they are the m3 vented bags so i keep the bag & the customer keeps the logs, lol. Cheers Scott
  6. Recommend a log supplier in Manchester

    Hi Mathz I have m3 bags of mixed wood filled sept in 2011, £70/bag . I'm only round the corner from you. Cheers Scott
  7. 40 Vented log bags for sale

    Thanks for that, will ring them on Monday.
  8. 40 Vented log bags for sale

    Hi any news on the bags yet? if not i will order from bag suplies.
  9. Any interest in a yard full of arb waste.

    Thanks for the interest so far. I have sent a pm to the people that have asked for contact details. Cheers Scott.
  10. Any interest in a yard full of arb waste.

    There is alsorts in the pile, I will pm you the chaps mobile no Give him a call and sort it out with him, thanks.
  11. Hi I have a yard in Sale, Manchester rented out to a tree surgeon. The pile of wood from his last two years work is taking up to much room. Anyone with a small wagon interested in some wood. There is no access for an artic and dont want lots of people with cars and trailers coming and going. Any other ideas ? Thanks.
  12. Hi have sent a pm. Cheers Scott.
  13. towing a trailer...

    Have a look at this link for ifor williams trailers, http://www.iwt.co.uk/brochures/ltt.pdf, you can tow trailers bigger than 750 kg . Hope it helps


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