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  1. Stockbord suppliers

    When you say stockboard, are you talking about the black plastic sheets?
  2. Avant questions

    Nice! Trying to get a 750, but it seems that its impossible to actually get a price on the damn thing. Why isit so secretive to tell us the price of these things?
  3. New sub 750kg Forst

    Ah ok. Wont apply to me. One man band, truck is never older than 4 years old in any case
  4. New sub 750kg Forst

    Not arguing, but says who, and who is enforcing it? Its like the chainsaw and sprayer licence, we are all told we have to have them, but no one enforces it
  5. New sub 750kg Forst

    Whats all this emissions in london he talks about, and saying by 2019 all diesels over 22hp have to have a filter system. Does that mean my exisiting chipper is illegal, and who is actually enforcing it anyway? If I take my chipper into london on a job, will a bloke turn up with a clipboard and an emissions machine? petrol may bring the weight down, but red diesel is over half the price of petrol, so cannot see any gains personally
  6. Dodgy eBay listing

    Just done, but beacuse you cannot put in any description, they will just ignore it
  7. Dodgy eBay listing

    I tried you have to select from a list of options. When you click on stolen property, it asks you for your law enforcement details.
  8. Dodgy eBay listing

    Good luck with that one. There is a stolen crusher for sale on there, and ebay will not let me report it unless I am a police officer. Police not interested
  9. Woodchipper wanted

  10. Woodchipper wanted

    Pete, just noticed on your websitethere is an error. The little symbols on the page relating to the 130, the picture of the ear defenders its says power: 116 db!
  11. Woodchipper wanted

    lease it and its 100% tax deductable too, win win
  12. Ranger woes

    Doubt they cover that. Ford warranty is hit and miss at the best of times.
  13. Bobcat vs small loaders

    Bobcat was the biggest pain in the arse when I had one. Lifts bugger all, churns up every surface known to man, and half a day to change a burst hose due to the amount of other stuff you have to remove to get to it.
  14. 7.5 ton iveco with forst st8

    Just doesnt want to get it dirty! Very smart I must say:001_smile:v
  15. Forst warranty and service top notch.

    Mmmm. I think greenmech is the way forward reading all this!


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