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  1. Ride on lawn mower for steep uneven slopes

    Ditto all above. We need more biodiversity.
  2. Beddgelert Forest Campsite petition

    Signed, love that area...
  3. Compact tractor & pto

    The B6000 is one of the oldest and has an opposite direction pto.
  4. The next generation

    History in the making, keep up the good work!
  5. Pfanner or arbortec

    Pfanner Gladiators, so good I bought another pair, (after a few years of saving up). Price was same everywhere.
  6. oak and alder whips

    Perrie Hale at Honiton for the oak and alder. Perrie Hale Nursery, Hedging, Tree & Shrubs: Quality UK Grown Trees, Hedge plants and Shrubs
  7. Poorly old apple tree!

    Thanks for posting. It's good to see follow up pics years later, well done.
  8. How do they make this??

    Aliens ...
  9. Arbtalk glitches, please report here

    Okay for me now on IE
  10. Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    What happens to the dredged silt out of interest?
  11. 10w30 Engine oil

    I gave up trying to find 10w30 for my Kubota engines. The dealer said that they always use 15w40 even though it wasn't in the handbook.
  12. Get yourself down to Endicotts in Exeter and get an ex army large rucsac, well made and cheap.
  13. Spare part online

    Would be well used, go for it!
  14. That's the handlebar bolt, that's ok, its where it enters into the plastic body below. I've just googled 97990030410 and that is a helicoil which would sort it thanks.
  15. Has anyone got a simple fix for replacing a stripped thread in the plastic on a stihl Brushcutter where the handlebar bolt locates?


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